Roureville 2

January 2, 2008

As with the first volume, I am extremely impressed with the mysterious plot, though much is explained by the end of this volume.  This helps me forgive it a lot of sloppy layout/dialogue issues that make it confusing even when things are being explained, but it’s still worth mentioning since these flaws are so aggravating when everything else is so good.

Things also move more towards shounen ai in this volume, and the two main characters are drawn together more and more.  There’s also some romantic complications at the end of the volume when the main character’s fiancee and brother show up.  The main character has no interest in his fiancee, but she won’t leave.  Unfortunately, neither will his brother, and it’s making the main character extremely upset that the brother seems to have set his sights on the mysterious boy.

The mystery behind the town is explained.  It’s a little underwhelming, and I was hoping for a more supernatural explanation, but one might still be forthcoming.  I’m still pretty excited about the tidbit that hasn’t been revealed, and I’m also pretty excited to see how the main character will eventually be accepted into the town.  It really is quite good.

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