Boy Princess 8

January 9, 2008

After reading Real/Fake Princess, I felt like rounding up and reading any other stray volumes of princess manga I had lying around.

This series is IMPOSSIBLE to read if you haven’t picked it up in awhile.  The main problem, as I’ve probably mentioned before, is the lack of ways to tell the characters apart.  I also can’t consistently remember any more than the two main character’s names.  This series would benefit incredibly well from a page with characters faces, names and explanations in the front of the book.

Aside from the fact I could not tell the other Prince’s wife and lover apart (the lover is shown more frequently, but there was a scene I read about five times where the wife is watching the lover from afar which I gave up on, then figured out halfway through the last volume), I actually kind of liked the way the plot moved in this volume.  The price poisons Nicole and blackmails Jed into basically totally giving the kingdom over to him.  He wants Jed executed, and gives him the option to go down by himself or to let Nicole live.  Jed tries to do the right thing… but things wind up very complicated.  An interesting conversation with the king takes place at the end of the volume that turn things around even more.

There’s a short story at the end of the volume which may feature Jed and another boy in some sort of modern setting.  Basically they’re having a kissing/stealing articles of clothes contest… you know, a tease.  The first half is in this volume, the second half is in the final volume.

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