Sugar Sugar Rune 7

January 12, 2008

I was surprised to find out shortly after I received this volume that volume 8 will be the last.  That’s a shame, because I’ve had a steady stream of Moyoco Anno for… six years now.  Please! Don’t let it dry up!  Someone license Sakuran, stat!  Or Hataraki Man, which is more than one volume long, but Sakuran is by far one of the most gorgeous volumes of manga I’ve ever seen or read.

Bits and pieces of the past are revealed in this volume by Duke, who was transformed at the end of last volume.  We find out that Cinnamon and Candy may have been up to something in the past, and perhaps their efforts are still worthwhile.  Candy isn’t actually in charge of much in the magic world, because apparently there are older wizards who are running things.  Or something.

The volume moves pretty fast, but one of the major plot points is that Woo and Pierre get into a fight and are both knocked unconscious.  Because both Vanilla and Chocolat want to see them conscious again, the conclusion of the series begins as they descend into the Ogre World when they hear that Glacier, the King of Ogres, should be able to revive the two boys.  So yeah, I do want to see how that turns out.

4 Responses to “Sugar Sugar Rune 7”

  1. jun Says:

    I’m pleased to hear that about volume 8, actually. Although it means the story is short… it means the story is short! :) I’ve been hoarding it like so much else until it was all there to gobble up at once.

  2. Connie Says:

    Yeah, same here. I’m always thrilled to find out a series has ended. I just do not need another Angel Sanctuary sitting on my shelf, 20 volumes unread and no motivation to start it -_-;

  3. jun Says:

    Heh. I have quite a few of that series, too. And Sensual Phrase, as well.

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