Elemental Gelade 6

January 26, 2008

There wasn’t even all that much action in this volume other than at the very beginning, when the battle with Greyarts was finally settled.  The rest of the volume has the characters stalled in a large country and growing more and more suspicious of Viro.

There were about three things in this volume that I liked.  One was the creepy way Viro started licking Ren’s Elemental Gelade (located on her forehead).  The second was that this new country had mail delivery via squirrels.  The third was that, in order to hide from guards after smuggling into the country and becoming a wanted man, Cou camouflaged himself in front of his own wanted poster by striking the exact same pose in the photo.

The rest of the volume?  Eh.  The series still doesn’t seem to be going anywhere save for towards the Garden (eventually), and while new stuff with bounty hunters trying to take out Cou has been introduced, it just doesn’t feel all that interesting.  It’s possible some fun stuff will happen with the bounty hunters later though, so here’s hoping.

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