MPD Psycho 3

February 11, 2008

I still don’t really like this manga.  I know the plot is supposed to be piecing itself together slowly, but it’s maddening to read and to keep all the characters straight… plus the plot, whatever is going on, just doesn’t seem to be going in an interesting direction right now.  Granted, it’s got some choice moments of action every now and again, but most of what’s going on seems to be two or three different groups of people investigating one another.  Well, one of them seems to be putting barcodes on people’s eyes, so that’s gotta go someplace eventually.

This volume sort of made up for it’s boring moments with one of the best manga car chase sequences I’ve ever seen.  The main character switches over to the homicidal, insane, fun personality when his partner gets kidnapped by a former… er, pupil or something that’s trying to top him for insanity.  He stole a huge gas tanker and plans to crash it into… er, the Aqualine, which is some sort of… important seaside location with a lot of people.  I… don’t know.  Anyway.  It was impressive.  The kidnapper cuts the breaks on the tanker, the main character catches up during the chase, there’s some amazing gun play, stuff goes on in a tunnel, everyone gets what they deserve in the end.  I got at least something out of the volume.

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