After School Nightmare 6

March 5, 2008

Setona Mizushiro – Go!Comi – 2008 – 10 volumes

Well. Lots of things happen, all of them are things that I was very pleased with. Remember that I didn’t like Kureha? Someone in the dream at least shares my opinion. Maybe more than one person. There are two or three dream sequences in this volume, but they’re not nearly as involved as some of the better ones from past volumes. I don’t mind too much though, because they are starting to more concretely reflect changes in the characters, which is nice.

I’m not entirely convinced about Sou at this point. I think he’s definitely the best match for Mashiro still, and it’s killing me that the development of their relationship is going so slowly… but I’m really not buying this whole business with his sister and his dream self. Has it shown that the sister definitely exists outside the dream world yet? I can’t remember. If it has, she almost never appears at school.

We meet two new characters, one of which gets a neat dream form. She and Kureha open up criticism of Mashiro that gives him some serious self-doubt, and I’m not entirely sure their criticism makes sense. They claim that he only feels good when he’s saving a damsel in distress… which is not what I get from him at all. He definitely uses others for support, but I don’t know that he feels better protecting someone. He seems to act like anybody would in his situation in most cases (holding doors open for people, helping out those in need, etc), and I wouldn’t exactly criticize that as selfish behavior. But whatever. I guess the fish girl has a point about what he did in the dream, though.

The other new character I liked a lot simply because she was extremely kind to Mashiro.

Slowly, it seems like Mashiro might have to confront his female self. I’m kind of looking forward to this… if it winds up happening. The tease from last volume was A KILLER, and I’m kind of hoping that puts the fear of God into him and makes the confrontation happen sooner.

So yes. This series is still the best. Some of the best vague supernatural shoujo out there, I love it.

13 Responses to “After School Nightmare 6”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    I wouldn’t say Mashiro feels better when he’s protecting someone, but he definitely uses it to feel more male, and seems to use his protective relationship with Kureha to justify his masculinity.

  2. ak Says:

    I really enjoy this series too, the dreamscape has some haunting, symbolic imagery (I still remember the panel where the girl without a face was lying on the ground, with grass growing through her head). I’m hoping for some good payoff on the whole question of what happens when people “graduate”. The romance is interesting too though Mashiro was starting to grate with all of his doubts and wishy-washiness. Thanks for your review.

  3. Connie Says:

    ZeroSD: That makes a lot of sense to me, actually. It would also explain why their relationship has been really, really off all this time. I guess I’m just terrible at picking up subtleties like that ^_^;

    ak: I’m really, REALLY curious about what happens when people graduate… particularly after what was revealed about what happens if you don’t attend the class in this volume. Also, I always kind of wondered if the school was in some sort of alternate reality, but after the characters went off-campus here, it kind of shot that theory to pieces and leaves me with no guess at all.

  4. Emily Says:

    “Has it shown that the sister definitely exists outside the dream world yet? ”
    I see where you’re coming from- for one little paranoid moment I suspected that Ai was Sou in the dream world before I realised how crazy that was. :P
    I guess his mother proved she exsisted by asking about her?

  5. Connie Says:

    I don’t know, the sister could just be another… “aspect,” maybe, of Sou’s personality. Maybe Sou’s got an extremely well-defined split personality that his mother asks about? I wouldn’t put it past this series to do something out of left field like that. It’s more likely that his sister exists, though, and I’m just grasping at straws and hoping for something awesome ^_^;

  6. Christine Says:

    I think his sister exists. Maybe since she is older then Sou, she isn’t seen as much because she is in a different class and all. I’m along with you, I want Mashiro to end up with Sou. I think that Kureha is VERY annoying. However, I think that Mashiro isn’t going out with her simply because he likes her. I think that he is going out with her because she is a girl who knows his secret and accepts him. And what better way to share your feelings with someone of the opposite gender you want to be who knows your deepest secrets and is ok with it.

    Also, about Sou’s sister. If she is real or not, I can’t stand her. She is very EVIL in my eyes. I think that’s why Sou acts the way he does now. Very abrupt and blunt with everything. I also think that Sou is the one who is hurting the most out of anyone in this series so far. Mashiro treated him pretty crappy in the past volumes and Sou pretty much took it well but the first time Sou treats Mashiro like that, Mashiro gets all emotional and “your only out to get me.” kind of attitude.

    Anyway, I love how this manga series and volume makes new twists out of the already complicated plot.

  7. whoever (flower) Says:

    Ok I have been reading this series on mangafox so far and they are only up to vol6 chp22 – in the middle of the volume – and I am going freaking crazy over here. I can’t find it online anywhere!!! Personally I’ve been a Sou fan for a while now and I’ve been thinking that he might be the arm and not the armor. The arm had never attacked Kureha until Mashiro came and became her boyfriend, plus the giraffe had asked if the arm liked Mashiro and was able to manipulate it through that comment. If it’s Sou then it could very well be jealousy because in the dreams you can’t control yourself.

    That left me wondering about the knight though. Remember when the giraffe left and started to say who the armor was he said “He’s your…” which means that it would have to be somebody relatively close to Mashiro. Sou wouldn’t really have been Mashiro’s anything in the eyes of the giraffe. But his judo instructor on the other hand…I find it a bit suspicious that he’s the only other character in the story not associated with the dream, that he’s a good sword fighter, and that he’s Mashiro’s “role model” Him being the armor would be a great twist. Might just be straws though

    On Sou’s sister, Sou did, near the beginning, ask if she was ever going to graduate which lead me to believe that she has been at the school over the normal 3 years. Maybe because of that she doesn’t have classes really. If she’s not real then Sou’s perverted. That’d be sad though cuz I like him. Especially compaired to that girl. She, in my opinion, was able to gain some confidance and lose some of her fear through being with Mashiro-kun but by now his protecting is just hurting her and she needs to leave. Whether she sees a dark moon or not she just needs to leave.

    with the whole alternate reality thing I’d thought that too. I haven’t actually found any chps past chp22 (if anyone can help) so I haven’t seen them go off campus, but I’ve been thinking that maybe its a pocket alternate reality, you know? Like the school or even just the basement is its own little seperate world. I thought that the fact that all of the kids lived on campus kindof supported that idea, but I don’t know. Idk

    SRY!!! Thx if you read all that. I know it was kinda (no not kinda) long. SRY!!! =D

    P.S anyone know of an online site with more chps for me to read? i’d be much obliged (lol) =D

  8. whoever (flower) Says:

    Oh yeah! sry sry. thought of something else. On the whole Sou/Kureha girl/boy thing even though I am strongly in favor with him ending up with Sou I think that Ichijo shouldn’t end up as a girl. Nor as a boy. Ichijo needs to just except itself as is. Come to terms with itself and be able to say “This is me. I do not need to change who I am.Take it or leave it.” Plus I don’t really think that guys and girls are really all that different other than in physical form and which steriotype is taught to them since birth so it’s not really that big of a deal. Ichijo just needs to realize that. (though, no offense, if the top half is male and the bottom half is female then medically Ichijo is female. Just flat-chested and buff, but female none the less. If you want to get technical)

    yeah. ok. i’m done now. sry. bye. =D

  9. Connie Says:

    I’ve read volume 9 not too long ago, so I don’t want to respond to most of your speculation since almost all questions are answered in that volume. There are some weirdly huge revelations in that volume, some of which almost don’t make sense between volume six and nine, but I still loved every page of it. I’m dying for the finale.

    On Mashiro’s gender… he definitely turns more and more feminine, but I sort of like the character for what he is, which is extremely ambiguous. Both Sou and Kureha sort of respond to it by this time, and I like that neither of them seem to care about it that much.

    I read all the volumes in paperback, so I can’t help you with scans, but you should check out a library (or interlibrary loan) to see if you can read the ones that are out. Volume 9 is some seriously compelling reading.

  10. whoever (flower) Says:

    So…there is going to be 10 in complete? Or more do you think? And did my speculations above make any at all coherent sense? Any iota of logic? Any semblance of normality (which i think would probably be bad…this isn’t a very “normal” story…)? I know that it probably sounded WAY over pompous or whatever. And thx about the whole library thing. I’m actually in a library now but i bet that they wont have it cuz its a school library. And i cant go to the book store. oh well. im gonna go check though. thx..
    p.s still if anyone knows of an online site with chps past v6 ch22…….
    p.p.s ill shutup now

  11. Connie Says:

    No, what you said makes sense. Some of what you said is also correct, so you may not actually be that surprised when you get to read it. Or maybe you will be. I felt pretty good about certain things while reading through volume 9, because they were things I was SURE of, but the story tricked me into thinking they weren’t true.

    And 10 is definitely the last volume. I can’t wait, it’ll be out in February.

  12. Kaye Says:

    I think it is in volume 6 that I realise how much Kureha and Mashiro are alike. Kureha got upset with Mashiro because he described her as ’special’ and that he was just using her (which, after introspection, to a certain extent is true). However! I strictly remember (and this may have just been the work of that particular translator) that in the beginning of the series Kureha said that she could date Mashiro even if he was a man because HE was ’special’. I think we have found the hypocrit princess.

  13. Connie Says:

    Oh, very nice! This is another one of those things that I’m going to have to re-read the series for. It’s details like that which are really, really important and that I would have missed completely reading the series as it was coming out, with the gaps between volumes.

    I really, really need to do this soon. This series, almost more than any other, deserves a re-read.

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