Let Dai 3

March 14, 2008

I was really happy with this volume, actually, because it was extremely positive compared to the first two volumes. Even poor Eunhyung is finding a way to deal with what happened to her. While I still feel really bad about her situation, I like the transformation she seems to be undertaking. I mean, it could definitely turn out poorly in the end, but reinventing herself to be stronger isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I LOVE Naru Hagi. He’s exactly what this series needed to lighten things up. I mean, we mostly just get a lot of Jaehee angsting, so it’s good that Naru’s there to dance whenever things happen like people’s wallets get stolen or whatever. I like his entire family. I didn’t recognize him without his wig on. I was also very happy to learn that his dad makes wigs for a living, I think that’s pretty awesome.

Dai is around, of course. At the end, we get a big emotional scene, which is what I like in this series. It wasn’t even violent, so I enjoyed it to its fullest without any guilt. I’m glad the two boys can sling mud at each other and don’t have to beat each other within an inch of their lives to show their love.

What else…? We also get to see Dai’s family. It was kinda what I was expecting, except his dad is a real psycho… like Dai, I suppose.

I also like that the character’s speech is censored, but that Dai is wearing a bandanna which cleary has “FUCK” written across the front in huge letters.

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