Apothecarius Argentum 4

April 9, 2008

Ah… hm.  Apparently I need to figure out the new WordPress system a little better.  This went into draft instead of getting published two days ago.

I really, really, REALLY like this series. I didn’t really think I would after reading the first volume, and I put off reading the second volume. It repeats itself a lot, especially about the past events between Argent, Primula, and the King, but I absolutely love the stories in each chapter and the general direction of the plot.

The story picks up with Argent, Primula, and the prince in the neighboring kingdom getting busted and taken to the castle, with a family who is, for all intents and purposes, Primula’s rival. The volume is a self-contained story about politics concerning Primula’s country and the neighboring country, and there are some facts for her to consider about what makes a good or poor leader. There is some explanation about the politics in the region. The discussion stays within reason, which is pretty good considering the other countries in the area have hardly been spoken of yet. I have a feeling things are going to escalate into a war with some other countries, and Primula is going to have to make some tough decisions.

But the thing I love most about this series is Argent and Primula. They can’t be together since to touch Argent means death, but that doesn’t stop them from having… moments, and there seems to be at least two offered in each volume. I still prefer one of the moments from the last volume, but there’s a good kiss in this volume when Argent is temporarily detoxified and he mentions that he has enough poison “for an unruly princess.” Shameless romantic moments like that are kind of my thing, but the fact that they’re not overdone is also nice.

Obviously some headway is made towards finding a solution to Argent’s poison problem. I’m a little upset that there may be a possible solution, because I would much rather have Primula develop some sort of poison immunity than have him be not poisonous. A temporary, very painful reprieve is accidentally discovered in this volume, but I have a feeling that the actual solution to Argent’s problem is probably still a ways into the story.

I picked up this volume a little late, so I’m glad to see that the next one will be out in about a month. I’m totally addicted at this point.

4 Responses to “Apothecarius Argentum 4”

  1. jun Says:

    I do want to read this one, but it kind of sounds like one that’d be more enjoyable when marathonned. So I’ve been holding off on it. Plus, I don’t think it’s done in Japan, either, which makes me want to wait a bit, too.

  2. Connie Says:

    Hm, I’m not sure if it would benefit from a marathon or not since the pace is pretty slow. On the other hand, I would certainly read the next three volumes of it if they were available, so it definitely benefits from its slow pace. It probably is a good idea to wait until more is out too, just because it feels like it has only just begun with volume 4.

    It comes out extremely slowly in Japan, which kills me a little. It’s like Immortal Rain, except I think Immortal Rain doesn’t come out because it doesn’t appear in the magazine that often. I could be wrong, though.

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  4. jun Says:

    That’s another series that I’ve heard is charming and wonderful, but which I’m waiting on. :)

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