Astro Boy 17

April 9, 2008

I actually read this yesterday, and I realized it was kind of a coincidence when I got to work since it was Astro’s birthday and all. I would have posted about it last night, but my internet was down, unfortunately.

I wasn’t very into the stories in this volume. The first story was “The Frozen Human.” I did like the short explanation at the beginning that Tezuka gave. The story is set around the Aztec temples, and he mentions that when it ran, people in Japan weren’t familiar with the Aztecs and thought he had totally made them up based on the Egyptians. When they made the chapter into an episode of the anime, he said they changed the setting to Egypt, and when the same episode ran in America, it was very popular because people thought it was a lot like Lawrence of Arabia. The actual story… hm, it was okay. It seemed to jump around abruptly a lot more than a normal Astro Boy story.

The only thing I liked about “Gademu” was what the giant monster-like robot was made of. I thought that was pretty amazing.

Fuhrer ZZZ confused me. At the beginning, Tezuka mentioned that he started drawing the story with the President and the Fuhrer as the same person. He abandoned this partway through (after dropping a hint which made no sense later) because he says he thought it was a stupid idea. When I figured out what was going on, I thought that would’ve been a pretty good twist, so I was excited to see what the better idea was. It… was far from a better idea. I was in shock.

“The Face in the Rock” was okay. It was a short one, and I liked the way the trap was set up in the end.

“Space Parasites” delivers what it promises. We get all sorts of parasites, like tree parasites, giant rat parasites, human parasites, etc. It seems like the actual story would have been avoided if humans had just allowed the aliens to take over rats and stuff like they asked, it seems like there would be no harm in that. But nooooo… we just had to pick a fight, apparently. The fact they turned into humans was a good twist that wasn’t used enough, because it meant that Astro couldn’t beat up the parasites in that form.

One thing I always forget to mention is the fact the police use puppy cars. I always laugh whenever I see them, because it’s just so RANDOM, and I remember being driven crazy at first, because it’s a joke which is never alluded to by any of the characters. It’s just cool in Astro Boy’s universe for the police to drive around in puppy cars. I started reading Pluto a few days ago, and the cars were referenced. I was hoping things were going where I wanted them to when Tawashi and Nakamura started talking about the car redesign and Tawashi mentioned he wanted a fierce design that struck fear into criminals… and then I died when Ochanomizu completed the joke later.

3 Responses to “Astro Boy 17”

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  2. Christine Says:

    Bleh, I have read I think 4 pages of this whole series and I guess I’m a hater or something because I couldn’t stand it. I can’t exactly say why I disliked it so much but I did lol. I guess it’s not my manga forte’ :p

  3. Connie Says:

    Eh, I’m not really all that into it either. I’m not sure why I’m continuing on to the end since it’s not a cohesive story or anything. The later volumes have sort of the dregs of the Astro Boy stories too, since all the good ones were in the first volumes for fear of the series getting cancelled early (in Japan). Some of the stories are cute, and I usually wind up liking something about each one, but reading this series tends to put me to sleep most of the time.

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