Aqua 2

April 21, 2008

This volume is just more of the same from last volume, which I still really like at this point.  Akari learns a lot of things in this volume, including how to deal with her first customer, about the tradition of wind chimes in summer, and how the climate in Neo-Venezia is controlled.  There’s also a couple chapters about the feline president of the company, and another chapter about Akari’s friend Aika.

The chapter about the wind chimes was probably my favorite.  In addition to going into the beauty of wind chimes and their sound in summer at length, it also explains what I assume are the real-life traditions behind wind chimes (they preface this bit by explaining that these were things that were thought of “a long time ago,” which is why I assume it’s true), and then it adds a new twist on windchimes for the story.  Of course Akari really gets into them, and of course the entire chapter is just lovely to look at and extremely well-told.

The stories about Aria the cat are pretty cute, but the better one was the second, where he dresses up like a super hero and makes several attempts to deliver a doll to a little girl who hadn’t realized she’d lost it.

What else… a character that I read about in the first volume of Aqua is introduced here, once as Akari’s first customer and again to explain how the climate works and show the characters around the island that floats in the sky.  He’s kind of weird, but I think I’ll need to see him in action a little more before he grows on me.  At this point, I can’t figure out if he’s maybe possibly supposed to be an eventual love interest, or I’ve just read too much shoujo manga.

I finished this volume and wanted to read more to find out what happens to the characters.  That’s kind of hard for me to believe, especially considering the plot is almost non-existent and nothing much happens in the meandering stories in these volumes, but yes, I really, really like it, and it goes down well between more fast-paced or over-the-top volumes.

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