Let Dai 4

June 16, 2008

I may have said this last time, but this is seriously one of the most romantic comics I’ve ever read.  It’s still a bit awkwardly wordy, but it just doesn’t take away from it.  I mentioned in my review for Selfish Mr. Mermaid that I really wanted a good BL series.  I had forgotten about this one.  I really need to get myself caught up on it.  I believe it’s currently one chapter away from being finished on Netcomics, too.

This volume was much better than the past ones because the main love interest wasn’t beating the shit out of people intermittently.  There was a tense scene between Dai and Jaehee’s new friend, but the two were picking a fight with one another, so it wasn’t so much a random act of violence, and it wasn’t nearly as brutal as past encounters.  The relationship between Dai and Jaehee seems to finally be an acknowledged thing
here too, and there’s a lot of time spent with the two boys together.  The romantic scenes are quite good, and do a good job of being sometimes very passionate and other times subtle.  There are some really weird scenes where Dai is trying to discuss his feelings with Jaehee and his expressions get very cartoony.  That just seemed extremely out-of-character for Dai, even if he was being teased and struggling.

The conflict in this volume comes from Dai’s father.  Dai’s family connections are revealed, and Dai’s father also finds out why Dai has calmed down lately.  The consequences are not good, as you can imagine, and things lead up to the next volume.  I’m very excited to read more.

2 Responses to “Let Dai 4”

  1. Sara K. Says:

    Well, I got a really good deal on four volumes of Let Dai. The catch was that they were four *random* volumes, so this is the earliest volume I got to read.

    I’m not converted yet, but I really did like what I read. At least I’m convinced to chase down the first three volumes.

  2. Connie Says:

    It takes a while to get going. At this point, I really liked it, but after I finished volume six or seven, I was hooked for life. This series actually broke my taboo about reading things online. I swore I would never do it, because I just like reading books better. I think I finished volume 7 and then proceeded to do nothing but read the rest of the series online until 6am the next morning. I still like reading books better, but I also loved the power of instant gratification in that case.

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