Andromeda Stories 3

June 26, 2008

Um. Let me say that I really liked the ending (for the most part anyway, I liked the idea of the ending, but the incest angle was a little unsettling), but the rest of this volume was really, really a mess. Well, I also kind of liked the explanation of the computers, and by that I mean the explanation was adequate and not confusing. I don’t know how I actually felt about that part of the story.

Affle finally figures into the story, except a twist which doesn’t make much sense is figured in. Not only does the twist not make sense, it’s also something that the psychic society feels like they should ignore for no reason. Affle was also extremely disagreeable and just made me cranky. I can understand Affle’s reluctance to participate since NOTHING is explained directly to Affle, but it’s frustrating to see Affle just reject things over and over again, prolonging the story when I just want it to end.

Lots of fighting happens. Lots of fighting. The robots take over most of the planet, and mount several attacks directly on the rebel base. Jimsa’s robot companions have the technology to fight them off, but this just encourages more attacks and more fighting. Il comes back, but her role is not as significant as you would have thought. Il, the elder of the psychic tribe, and Jimsa’s robots all serve a purpose to illustrate the contrast in different conquered civilizations and their level of technology when robots took over. I kind of liked that comparison too, but other than that…

Yeah. Lots of fighting, and lots of characters being unreasonable. I just did not really like this series.

7 Responses to “Andromeda Stories 3”

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  2. I was waiting for you to finish this series. While I know that I definitely liked this more than you did, I still don’t understand why quite a few people seem to prefer this to “To Terra…” I guess I don’t even really think of “Andromeda Stories” as being a creation of Keiko Takemiya considering that she didn’t even author it; the story was written by Ryu Mitsuse.

  3. Connie Says:

    It’s true, I often forget she didn’t write the story. I only remember when I see the writer’s name crammed off in the corner in small type on the cover. It seems weird that a collaboration would come out in the US before another one of the works that she wrote and illustrated.

    Now that I think about it, do you happen to know if this was possibly based on, say, a novel or something? It feels like the kind of story that would be much better if it were expanded out into a novel.

  4. Yeah, I agree it was odd for Vertical Inc. to chose a collaboration for Keiko Takemiya’s second official U.S. release. I don’t know if they were afraid to publish something else from hers from a different genre or what…–As for “Andromeda Stories” being based on a novel/short story/whatever, I don’t know. I know that either volume one or two gives more information about Mr. Mitsuse, and I can’t remember what was said; I don’t have either volume at hand.

    And speaking of Vertical Inc., what’s up with the “contemporary manga” imprint that’s supposed to be launched this season? I wrote them an e-mail a few months ago asking them what titles might be released under this imprint and what exactly does “contemporary” imply, but no one bothered to respond. I’ve seen articles mention that mostly teen shoujo titles will be covered…but that’s awfully vague.

  5. Connie Says:

    Oh, I forgot about the “contemporary manga” line. They must have run into some fairly serious problems with it, the titles aren’t even leaking via the usual methods like early Amazon solicitations or stuff like that, and it looks like things were supposed to start this summer. I have to say, I wouldn’t be all that interested in Vertical jumping on the bandwagon and publishing Betsucomi series that Viz passed over if teen shoujo was the intended eventual focus. Not that I don’t read the stuff, I just think the US is better off with the titles Vertical already publishes.

    I read an article just now at Publisher’s Weekly that said they were sort of struggling to make a profit, which I could believe… aside from the fact that their manga titles are likely (and unfortunately) not that popular, a lot of their fiction and nonfiction books are EXTREMELY fringe, I never see them advertised or discussed in the normal places. I was kind of surprised to hear that their best-selling book by far was one of the Aranzi Aronzo books, though I probably shouldn’t have been. It’s pretty easy to see how those could be popular.

  6. Pirkaf Says:

    It would be sad if such a good publisher as Vertical should stop releasing manga. Anyway, I think you’re being too harsh here. I didn’t like the first volume much but the story got better in the following volumes. And I don’t thing there was that much fighting. ^_^ Yes, the story is quite naive (but I can forgive that in case of older manga) and the art is nowhere as good as in To Terra… but the overall feeling is positive.

  7. Connie Says:

    Vertical’s slowed down a bit (I think this is the first time in a long time they’ve only been dealing with one title), but I don’t think they’ll stop releases anytime soon. I also enjoy their novels, the author Asa Nonami is quite good. I’m looking forward to her book Body, which I hope comes out next month.

    You’re probably right, I was a bit unfair with this series. I just remember having a hard time getting through it at the time. I think I get bored easily with sci-fi shoujo for some reason. Even To Terra, which I knew was a good series, gave me problems, and A, A’ was also kind of a slow read when I picked that up years ago. Of course, I also read A, A’ dozens of times, so I liked it well enough.

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