Category: Freaks 2

October 31, 2008

Oh man.  Things don’t get any better in the second volume.  In addition to being really, really confused about the characters, now I’m confused about their genders as well.  This is the type of series that you figure is really pretty clear about drawing male and female characters different unless there’s supposed to be some question.  Nope.  There are at least two characters with ambiguous genders now.  Part of the problem, too, is that random shounen ai is thrown in for absolutely no reason.  Romance has no place in a series like this, and the way it’s tacked on is really awkward and sloppy and… well, too much blatant fanservice.

More blatant fanservice comes when… I don’t know something that is the main character’s powers?… separates from the main character and turns into an apparently well-liked man.  Of course, the two don’t recombine because all the other characters want this new person to stick around, so he’s now hanging around the office all the time.  Except he’s not the main character’s source of power after all, so now things make even less sense on that front.

More… professionals like the main characters appear and drop in and out through the volume, and a plotline emerges where an otherworldly being is apparently manufacturing freaks, and the characters are ordered to stop it.  A bunch of stuff comes to light about the main character, and as much as I would like to get excited about this, there’s too many things that are frustrating and don’t make any sense, so I just can’t enjoy it.  Literally, almost everything that happens, I have to think hard about, because so much just does not connect together for me for some reason.

I’ll read the third volume, because it’s the last.  I suspect it won’t be good, though.

3 Responses to “Category: Freaks 2”

  1. Suzu Says:

    I suppose I’m the only one that likes this Manga. :p I like it for the strangeness, and for the hilarious bunnies or whatever they are (you know, the ones that eat the freaks).

  2. Connie Says:

    It’s true, the bunny girls are kind of cool. I liked that the one introduced this volume was friends with the first, and they showed their camaraderie by crossing cutlery.

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