Monster 9

November 5, 2008

We get to see the picture book in question at the end of last volume fairly early on, “Obluda, Kierá Nemá Své Jméno.”  Not only do we get to see it, the entire book is reproduced in a special illustration style and in special inks.  It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a manga from a book geek standpoint.

The connection to the story is sort of apparent (the main character has some obvious parallels to Johan), but more concrete parallels spring up by the end of the volume.  The parallels and relationships that surround Nina and Johan are… unexpected, to say the least.

The main event is the donation at the library by the Vampire of Bavaria.  More and more people begin to realize Johan’s true nature, but some choose not to believe it, and others choose to tangle with him.  The results make for a really action-packed volume.  It involves both guns and fire.

The aftermath was a little disappointing, but only because Tenma is still out by himself.  I’m just bummed that he chooses not to trust anyone and stays by himself, especially since he’s got such a large number of people supporting him now.  But there’s always next volume.  There’s not a particularly bad cliffhanger this time, but now I’m dying to know about Nina and Johan.

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