Let Dai 5

December 8, 2008

I haven’t read any Netcomics books in a long time!  I got a bunch of them during a studio sale at the Right Stuf, but for some reason I haven’t indulged myself yet.  They’re all good, but Let Dai is my favorite of the bunch, so let me start here.

Lucky for me, this volume isn’t actually all that violent.  I hate myself a little bit for reading so addictively when characters get the shit beat out of them.  It is the nature of the series, and it does make the drama that much more intense… it wouldn’t be the same without Dai’s violent nature, but it still turns my stomach a bit when it happens.

There’s a little violence.  For some reason Yooneun is the victim of a random act of violence.  She’s not badly hurt save for her… trust, or perhaps admiration, of Jaehee, because she suspects Dai.  Or rather, she is sure Dai is somehow behind it.  The story has neither confirmed or denied this yet, but I suspect she is probably wrong and this will end badly.

Eunhyung is still doing bad things, and she sort of flips out on one of her girlfriends when they try to see her panties at one point.  She seems to be doing a bit better, I guess, but the volume ends on a bit of a cliffhanger as far as she’s concerned, so I’m rather curious about that.

Jaehee and Dai celebrate Dai’s birthday together.  When the two of them are together and playing nice, it makes everything else worth it.  Their relationship is quite sincere, which is something that is sadly lacking in most romance manga.  It’s a shame that it can also be abusive, or was in the past, because that makes it hard to recommend… especially after I make these bold claims and the two are beating each other up for the first couple volumes.

I almost didn’t recognize Dai’s brother, who seems like he’ll become important later.  Similarly, I was kind of bummed that Naru wasn’t around very much.  Oh well, maybe next time.

3 Responses to “Let Dai 5”

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  2. Sarah Says:

    I have to agree that this series is one of the most genuinely romantic series I’ve read, that’s saying a lot because Jaehee gets the crap beat out of him in like every volume, the violence is a bit…much at times, but its very good!
    Naru does show up a lot more in later volumes (he’s awesome) and the series just gets so good in the later on. You should definitely continue to read this! It’s amazing… ^__^.

  3. Connie Says:

    Good to hear Naru comes back. I like him a lot. I think I’ve got up through volume 8 or so here with me, and I plan on blowing through them this week. It’s truly addictive stuff, even with all the beatdowns.

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