Let Dai 6

December 11, 2008

Oh nooooooo!  I know I wished for more Naru Hagi last time, but I got him at the cost of Dai and Jaehee having a fight!  Now they’re on the outs, and Dai is beating up Jaehee again and being a little weird and forward about Naru… The thought of Dai getting close to Naru to spite Jaehee is pretty hilarious in theory, but it would be quite devastating in the context of the story.

I like Naru A LOT.  He’s pretty funny, and seeing his weird delusions contrast to what’s going on gives the series some much needed levity.  Plus, he’s a good guy, and seems comfortable around most people.  He seems to be working himself in deep with Jaehee’s relationships, since he’s definitely involved himself involuntarily with Eunhyung, and now Dai is… well, again, hanging out with him more. I may just be reading more into that situation than I should, though.

What else happens?  I’m not sure why Jaehee tried so hard with Eunhyung when it was very clear that she was not going to be “rescued” by him.  Normally I agree with a lot of what Jaehee does, but in the case of the main scene in this volume, I preferred what Dai was preaching, but I wouldn’t necessarily beat a guy to death like he did.

Oh Dai.  I was wrong, I only have one volume of this left, I think.  I… need to find more, like, right now, because I’m probably going to read volume 7 tomorrow.  I disagree with the cliffhanger at the end of this volume, where the teacher is praying in front of Dai, though.  I can’t say I approve of any possible direction that could take.

3 Responses to “Let Dai 6”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I totally agree with you, Naru is AWESOME.
    And there were a few times when I just wanted to smack Jaehee, seriously, he does some annoying things.
    Oh the teacher! You need to go buy the rest of this series, her story line is not exactly the most interesting thing but it does cause some very VERY interesting things to happen. ^__^!

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  3. Connie Says:

    Yeah, the teacher seems weirdly pointless so far. I just read the next couple volumes. I about died when Dai tried to rattle her by kissing Jaehee.

    Actually, I may just read the rest of the series on Netcomics tonight. I read two volumes in a row, and I have a serious need to read the rest of it RIGHT NOW. At the moment, I need to know if there will be a jealous spat between Dai and Yooneun.

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