Let Dai 7

December 17, 2008

I’m running a bit behind on reviews.  I’ve got one more volume of Let Dai on hand that I’m going to talk about tomorrow along with the third volume of Suppli.  I’ve had them hanging out for a few days, but just haven’t gotten around to writing about them yet.

In the case of Let Dai, it’s because I would write an embarassingly gushy review.  I fell for this hard over the weekend, and it’s probably actually unseated Paradise Kiss as the most romantic manga (or comic, whatever) I’ve ever read.  It’s got two major weaknesses that I could see turning a lot of people off… one is that it is amazingly violent, and the other is that the wordy asides, as beautiful as they can be, are extremely excessive and occasionally nonsensical and/or unreadable.

These are pretty major weaknesses.  That it succeeds spectacularly despite this is quite remarkable, and even taking all that into account, the romance between the characters is INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE.  They are truly the tightest couple you or I will ever see.

But that’s about the series in general.  So what about this volume?  I actually did wind up liking the scene with Crangela that carried over from the last volume.  I was not expecting the affirmation of love between Jaehee and Dai that actually occurred, so that immediately mollified me.  Her purpose still confuses me (praying for Dai right in front of him so that he’ll be a good kid?), but she doesn’t seem to be taking quite an active role here, so I’m okay with that.

This is one of the notably violent volumes of the series, though.  I can’t even say that it is the most violent, because there are four or five total which are really horrible, but much of what goes on here is one continuous scene where anyone that had anything to do with Eunhyung’s assault is beat mercilessly by Dai, Jaehee, Eunhyung, each other… basically all the former Furies members are taken out of commission.  The violence isn’t terribly graphic (in most cases), it’s just very brutal.  Immediately before this scene, Eunhyung beats the shit out of Jaehee in front of her school when he tries to stop her from meeting Dai… basically for her own good.

After the beating, there’s a really intense scene between Dai and Jaehee where Jaehee cries about the problems the two of them have, Dai licks away his tears, they share some romantic nothings, and then the two of them and Eunhyung fall asleep together.  I think the brutal violence does much to make the romance between the two of them that much more intense.  It’s a balancing act that works well.

The major event at the end of the volume is the fake date between Naru Hagi and Eunhyung.  Naru… well, he’s an oddball, but he makes for a great date.  I like seeing Eunhyung in a happier frame of mind, so I like this scene a lot.  And I’ll take any chance I can get to see Naru living life as he does.

We are also shown that Jaehee’s mother is hospitalized briefly, which leads into a scene next volume… which I’ll write about tomorrow.

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