V. B. Rose 2

December 19, 2008

Hmm.  I’m not hard to please (which is part of the reason I have a gigantic website full of articles that consist solely of me saying “awesome” over and over again), so I have to say that I was a little out-of-sorts when I found myself not enjoying the second volume of this series as much as the first.  It’s rare that the second volume loses steam with me, and if I like the first, I’m usually good for the next several volumes as the story starts to take off.  Not so much the case here, though.

Well, of course we get some romantic tension between Ageha and Yukari, but so far it’s nothing spectacular, and I’m not really that attached to either of the characters or their relationship.  Ageha’s realization came a bit early, I think.  I probably would have been a bit more excited about it had the relationship been developed a bit deeper, or lasted a little longer.  I don’t know.  Perhaps it’s my memory of Let Dai that is just crippling my enjoyment of lighter, happier shoujo now.

I wondered where the plot would go once Ageha’s sister was married.  Well… from there, we start to learn about the relationship between Kuromine and his brother, who Ageha happens to meet by chance one day.  I’m much less excited about this storyline, because I know next to nothing about Kuromine.  I think the previous story worked simply because it was easy to get a bead on Ageha and see how important her sister was to her right away, but it’s harder for me to understand how the Kuromine brothers relate to one another.

Well, okay.  So far, I like I Hate You More Than Anyone a bit better than this series, but I’ve got the next two volumes of this on hand, so I’ll keep reading for now.  Maybe it’l get better and better as the characters keep developing.

5 Responses to “V. B. Rose 2”

  1. ame Says:

    volume 4 is like, payday! if that makes anysense..and i just bought volume 5. haven’t read it yet….i don’t want have to wait for volume 6 impatiently. i really like this series though. i live V.B. Rose a lot too now. still haven’t gotten volume 4 yet though. and i hate you…. volume 6 is out! i have my next order pending in my shopping cart on amazon and those two, as well as the rest of eroica that’s been released, are in it. i love banri hidaka. so much.

  2. jun Says:

    Hee hee. This is awesome: “(which is part of the reason I have a gigantic website full of articles that consist solely of me saying “awesome” over and over again).”

    I don’t know whether I’m hard to please or not. I don’t think so, as I generally like most stuff, and from lots of different genres and demographics, too.

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  4. Connie Says:

    You seem generally pretty positive. I like positive reviews a bit better, just because I hate hearing things picked apart for details in artwork or little editorial stuff. Unless it’s a serious handicap, I feel like the point may have been missed when I read stuff like that. Plus, reading a review is always more fun if the person genuinely enjoyed the book. Or genuinely didn’t enjoy it, which is sometimes even better :p

  5. Connie Says:

    Yeah, I really liked Banri Hidaka after the first two volumes of “I Hate You” and the first volume of V.B., which is why I was so surprised I didn’t like this one so much. But good to know that things start to pick up again. I like the premise so much, so I think it’s just a matter of me growing more attached to the characters.

    I desperately need to pick up the other volumes of “I Hate You.” I do like that series a lot, even though my brain keeps telling me I shouldn’t.

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