Let Dai 8

December 22, 2008

I was expecting two more volumes of this at the end of last week, but the holidays seem to have slowed down even priority mail.  Hopefully I’ll get them before Wednesday, then I can talk about them while I’m home for Christmas.

One of the only things that bugs me about this series is the fact that sometimes the characters wear really annoying clothes.  This will come up later, but I stopped dead at Dai’s dress clothes in this volume, which featured a button-down shirt with a big flower printed across both the back and chest.  I can’t quite describe it, but it’s the sort of thing that not only gave me pause when I first saw it, but had me beside myself with laughter as Dai received compliments from people for his manner of dress.  Better than the compliments, though, is when he asks if Jaehee is ashamed of him because he’s dressed like Barry Manilow.  There was just absolutely no way to wring more comedic value out of that shirt.

Jaehee’s mom is in the hospital, and there’s a bit of drama when Dai brings her flowers and Jaehee doesn’t allow him up to see her.  Dai’s feelings get hurt a little more when Yooneun comes by and he realizes Jaehee would have taken her up.  It’s actually a really nice scene, and Dai’s feelings, as always are sort of left to interpretation by the reader.  I had a lot of problems with this at first, because I wasn’t sure if Dai felt the same things for Jaehee, but as the series goes on, I came to appreciate scenes like this where you have to figure out whether or not Dai understands Jaehee’s motives.  He doesn’t always.

Jaehee’s mom wants to see Dai anyway, since she saw him from the window.  She insists on it, actually, and gets a little worked up when Jaehee tries to avoid the subject.  You can see how this will eventually go nowhere good.

Instead of Dai meeting Jaehee’s mom, Jaehee gets to meet Dai’s grandma, which is a really terribly sad scene despite it being clear how much Dai loves his grandma.

At the end of the volume, we’re treated to another Jaehee and Dai beach scene, except this time Dai invites Naru and the three pick up Eunhyung along the way.  Dai is starting to come a long way in associating with other people like a real person, and the fact he can accept Naru as a friend makes me very happy.  He also goes well out of his way for Eunhyung too, even while still acting jealous about Jaehee.

God I love this series so much.

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