One Thousand and One Nights 5

January 2, 2009

This is another one of those series where I forget how much I enjoy it until I read the next volume. This is currently my favorite of the Yen Press series, and I’m very happy they decided to take over for Ice Kunion.

This volume focuses almost entirely on the Sultan and the storyteller. The Sultan decides to leave his palace for a bit of a break and brings the storyteller with him. The two bond and have their flirty relationship going, but a minor event pops up when a girl trying to flee an arranged marriage catches the storyteller’s eye. The girl’s arranged marriage comes as a result of the Sultan’s fondness for enlisting girls in his harem and killing them, the girl’s parents are trying to marry her so that she will not be chosen for the harem. The Sultan doesn’t want to deal with the problem, the Storyteller wants to help them, the two part ways.

The framing device of the Sultan and storyteller is often neglected, and I’m glad to see it getting plenty of attention in this volume. Their relationship seems to be growing very slowly and steadily. My memory between volumes is poor, so I forget that the Sultan kills women, which makes me enjoy both men as characters a little more. The Sultan is a pretty ruthless killer, but apparently he’s not so much anymore thanks to his Scheherazade, and since the volumes come out so frequently… that’s something I can accept.

The only story that actually gets told is one set in ancient Greece about a beautiful boy pursuing a love for Socrates. It seems to have a pretty definitive ending here, but seeing as how Socrates and the boy are on the cover of the next volume, it probably keeps going.

I’m one volume behind, a situation I plan to fix as soon as possible. I like this more and more with every volume.

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