Future Lovers 1

January 11, 2009

“Red Blinds the Foolish” actually made me go back and look at the Deux catalog to see what I missed.  I don’t often read Boy’s Love manga because I don’t like the plot devices as much as I do regular shoujo manga, but my problem may just be I’m reading the wrong Boy’s Love series.  Deux has quite a number of titles featuring older couples, and so far I like them a lot more.

The change in perspective helped a lot.  Ironically, my first efforts into getting bl books with older couples netted me a series where the couple are teachers at a high school.  I was a little put off at first, because I really did want to get away from the school setting, but it’s almost a non-issue in the first story.  The second story does take place mostly in the school, but the change in perspective really did help.  It just doesn’t mean the same thing to these two characters as it would if they were students, even with some students being drawn into the main story.

I liked both stories for different reasons.  In the first story, the main character winds up drunk after being dumped by his girlfriend and finds himself engaged in a night of wild sex with some guy he met at the bar.  He doesn’t really think anything of it, since his dream is to have a wife, kids, and a loving family, but as he unsuccessfully tries to patch things up with his girlfriend, the random guy at the bar, now a coworker, just won’t leave his head.  It’s all very sweet.

The second story is told from the other character’s perspective.  I like him as a character a lot more than the main, and his story is pretty amusing, though I didn’t actually like the plot of it that much.  He’s bored with the way things are, he doesn’t like to please people and deal with hiding his relationship at work, he tries to break up with his partner and turn him to a student that really likes him… blah blah blah.  Everything he did just felt wrong.  I did like the bizarre focus on wardrobe during the story, so it gets credit for that, too.

There’s a third unrelated story in the back of the volume, but it involved incest (the two boys weren’t related, but they were raised as brothers, which is the same thing in my mind), which is ranked high on my list of no-nos, along with non-consensual sex and high school boys dating older men.

It wasn’t the greatest series in the world, but it was pretty enjoyable, and I’ll be buying the second volume when it’s released.  Again, I kind of like these slightly more mature stories, and I’m definitely going to see what else I might like, since it seems like Deux has quite a few they publish.

6 Responses to “Future Lovers 1”

  1. jun Says:

    Deux really does have a good selection. I recently read FreshMen (review coming tomorrow) and, while it wasn’t the greatest thing ever, every pairing was college age or over, and there were some atypical things, too.

  2. Connie Says:

    To be honest, I basically drew this one out of a hat, I think I wound up with it because Right Stuf was having a sale on in-stock items, and this was the Deux title that sounded interesting and was also in stock. FreshMen did catch my eye, but I think the reason I passed over it and got Future Lovers instead was because it has a stupid title, and I only scanned the plot summary, so it sounded like the couple was actually in high school. I’m curious to read your review of it, though. It’ll be nice if the Deux titles wind up being a little deeper than the June titles.

  3. jun Says:

    Yeah, FreshMen is totally a dumb title. Maybe that’s why I was pleasantly surprised by some of the content.

  4. Connie Says:

    Ouch. It seems like a shame that those extra stories were tacked on at the end of the book.

    I forgot to mention it in this review, but Future Lover also dealt with some homosexuality issues, like the main character agonizing over introducing his partner to his grandparents and how they take the situation. Unfortunately, a key point is sort of played for comedy (or was at least laughably predictable), but that such things are mentioned at all is kind of unusual, at least in the BL titles I’ve read.

  5. jun Says:

    Yeah, it is unusual. Or, at least, unusual in the kind of stuff that’s been licensed here so far. Over at MangaCast, Ed Chavez just wrote a 2008 Manga Report Card for Aurora and in it, he has very positive things to say about the Deux imprint, especially their willingness to license some older Boys’ Love titles.

  6. Connie Says:

    Yeah, I read that the other day. I honestly wasn’t paying any attention to Deux until this past month, and now I’m kind of sad I’ve been neglecting them so long.

    I strenuously disagreed with some points in the report, like the bad Luvluv distribution (I can usually find every single one of their books in Borders and even many comic shops, and I think being distributed through Netcomics is pretty neat) or the fact that Make More Love and Peace is a candidate for worst volume of the year :p I haven’t read it yet, but I liked the first volume well enough to believe that the second isn’t nearly that bad. Though he is right about the graphic novels in the main Aurora line being really rotten.

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