Let Dai 11

January 16, 2009

Naru Hagi.  I expected better.  Britney Spears?


I laughed so hard.

This was another volume where Dai and Jaehee don’t get to see very much of each other.  But as far as their separations go, this one is probably the best of the bunch.  Dai is roused out of bed at an early hour to flee the country with his family.  He tries unsuccessfully to text Jaehee and get him down to the airport, and there’s a whole long scene where Dai is arguing with his brother several different times about how he can’t leave his lover behind.

The texts are intercepted by Jaehee’s mom, who suspects, so Jaehee is spending a summer alone and not knowing what happened to Dai.  You can imagine the lamentations that spill over the pages while he angsts about this.  Somewhere along the line, he tells his mother the truth about Dai, and is promptly shamed and beaten.

One of the things I like best about Let Dai is that it puts Dai and Jaehee’s relationship in the context of their society, so that the two of them deal with friends, enemies, parents, and the general public who is rather prejudiced.  Not very many BL series actually put the relationship in a context outside what it means to the two characters.  Let Dai has an overly violent approach to absolutely everything it does, so I can’t exactly call it realistic, but it is a lot more… shoujo-y to me than your typical BL relationship.

Of course, Jaehee breaking into Dai’s house and living in his room is by no means typical, and borderline creepy.  The end of the volume hints at something good coming of it, though.

There’s some stuff going on with Naru Hagi and his family, and his dad’s health looks like it’s flagging.  It’s pretty sad, especially since it seemed like every member of Naru’s family was pretty upbeat.

And… there’s some more fallout from what happened to Eunhyung.  I think she’ll be quite involved with the rest of the series, actually, despite her absence.

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