Hoshin Engi 9

January 29, 2009

So, do you have problems keeping everything straight in this series like I do?  Ask and ye shall receive.  This volume, in addition to the usual general chart and terms in the back of the book for all the magic stuff, also gives recaps of many scenes throughout the series, and there’s a section in the back that gives positions for different characters and the odds in the Zhou vs. Yin war.  There’s also an entire chapter with copious margin notes that explain the relationship and position of every character, which is basically everyone on the Zhou side in that chapter (it’s sort of a short goof-off chapter before the war actually begins later in the volume).  Even with all this stuff, it’s STILL hard to keep track.  There is just more going on in this series than in anything else I can think of.  I really do have a hard time keeping track, and it drives me crazy.  I don’t have any problems like this with other series.  And it’s not because this is bad, either, it’s just… complicated.  Maybe I should save up a bunch of volumes and read them all at once.

Ah, but there’s the catch… I like it a little too much to wait to read it.  I do like Taikobo, and I like the idea of purging the world of the magical beings.  I’m starting to think that perhaps everyone magical, including Taikobo, will wind up in the Hoshindai by the end of the series.

I am having serious problems with the magic system, though.  So there’s Kongrong Mountains and Kingo Islands, and they both have their sennin and doshi and 12 elites that train everyone, et cetera.  Dakki is… originally a fox, but the type of magical being, that turns into a human after being exposed to moonlight for 1,000 years?  She’s from Kingo Islands, and then betrayed them somehow?  Then there are humans that are born with magical powers that go and train in the sennin world.  You can be a human with magical powers, maybe, that stays a human if you don’t go train with the sennin.  But once you go train, you are then a doshi, and can’t go back to being a human?  And are some humans more gifted magically than others?  Are some only magical beings?  Maybe the ones that were once animals or stone lutes or whatever?  I think most of my current confusion comes from the fact that I thought it took a long time to train to be a doshi, yet Inchi and Inchon left and came back with paope, and then weren’t humans anymore?  I guess?

Anyway.  The important thing is that there’s lots more Taikobo and his strategies in this volume.  Towards the end, the actual battles start, and Taikobo’s clearly a master when it comes to this sort of thing.  Even the human war seems to benefit from Taikobo’s brains.  I also really liked the situation with Inchi and Inchon, and I’m looking forward to the outcome of the battle that this volume leaves off on.  I’m… also rather curious about King Chu.  What has Dakki done.

I forgot to mention last volume, but the character on the cover has a paope which is simply a rock she pitches at people to hit them, and then it returns to her.  This doesn’t do that much damage, but it has max annoyance value because whoever gets hit with it makes a “weirdly erotic face.”  Taikobo’s face is perfect, and we get twice as much since Yozen disguises himself soas not to show his “erotic” face.  It’s little touches like this that make me enjoy this series way more than I should.

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