Let Dai 13

January 30, 2009

Hmm… did I post reviews yesterday?  I think I did, but I just realized I had five volumes to talk about tonight.  I didn’t think I read five volumes in one day (six counting Captive Hearts, which I have to finish tomorrow), especially on a weekday, but I guess I did.  I suspect I may have… some sort of problem.

But if the problem leads to me reading Let Dai, I can’t complain too much.  It looks like Dai is going to be avoiding Jaehee for the duration of the series, but… well, you know.  They’re soul mates and all, so they’re going to run into each other at least a little bit.

The bigger problems in this volume deal with the rapidly escalating sad situation surrounding Naru’s dad, a new gang showing up at school that have it out for Naru for getting the Furies members in trouble, and Naru, Jaehee, and Gohee getting in trouble for jumping the Vice Principal a few volumes back when he was forcing himself on Miss Jin.  Gohee needs to avoid punishment, since he’ll be expelled if he gets in any more trouble.  The gang stuff sort of drags Naru and Jaehee back where they don’t really want to be, though, so they’re the ones taking the punishment for jumping the principal.

Jaehee takes a beating, just like he always does, and after avoiding him like crazy, Dai steps in to save him by beating the shit out of the punks.  This scene is quite nice, but I have to say… the scene that takes the cake this volume is the aftermath, where Dai gets himself drunk after his run-in with Jaehee.  His brother comes to pick him up at the bar, and tells him he saw Jaehee kissing Yooneun in the street.  Dai has to get out of the car to puke his guts out while his heart is breaking.  While you may not think puking is that romantic, it’s the best reaction I’ve ever seen for a character finding out about a cheating lover, and it’s all the more potent coming from the rather stoic Dai.

I was afraid I had burned myself out on this series, but I still love it SO HARD.  Even after reading all the volumes over and over again the past couple months, I still thoroughly enjoy every page.  It’s just the best.

2 Responses to “Let Dai 13”

  1. jun Says:

    ” I suspect I may have… some sort of problem.”

    This made me snicker. I’ve never thought of myself as a fast reader, so I was awfully surprised that I managed to read five volumes of Her Majesty’s Dog in one day last weekend. It’s amazing what a deadline will spur you to do!

  2. Connie Says:

    I don’t really think I’m a fast reader, but I do get frustrated when it takes me forever to read something. Astro Boy is the first thing that springs to mind, only because I didn’t like it that much and it took forever to read each volume.

    I can usually polish off two volumes a manga a day on my commute to and from work, and then maybe a third if I feel like reading before bed… but I’m still not sure how I slipped five in that day. I do like setting goals for myself, though. Part of my fun when I’m on vacation is polishing off a series I’ve neglected or need to finish. Reading Angel Sanctuary in a week was pretty fun ^_^

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