Let Dai 14

February 1, 2009

One more tonight, though I still have one more volume of this and a volume of Banana Fish to talk about.

This volume was mostly just disturbing violence.  There’s actually some cute stuff in the beginning with Jaehee and Dai, but after they are thwarted yet again in their quest for happiness, Dai blows up and bad things happen.  This goes along with the gang life sneaking back up on Dai.  He proves his status one last time, but it is not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

Naru is doing well after what happend last volume.  I’m glad the series has a character like him, someone who can basically pick himself up and look on the bright side no matter how many terrible things happen.  He’s pleasant to have around after the long Jaehee moping scenes and Dai’s fits.

It’s seriously heartbreaking how Dai and Jaehee can’t catch a break.  Of course, Dai’s jealous friend squeals on him to his brother, but even when the two leave town to be together they can’t find peace.  And the end result of their fun night is that Jaehee has to leave his school for basically no reason.  It’s very sad.

More sad is the beating that happens at the end of the volume.  There’s a freshman named Dai-Oxin that keeps trying to get Dai to fight with him (he’s the one that beats Jaehee up last volume, more by accident than to bait Dai).  Dai-Oxin works out a plan to jump Dai, but it backfires horribly after Dai substitutes two other victims in his place.  Dai doesn’t lift a finger save to beat the punks up once they finish with their unintended targets, but he manages to ruin the lives of every one of the gang members.

And next volume is the last one.

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