Fruits Basket 21

February 6, 2009

Oh, Kyo.  That’s not what a shoujo manga hero says to a nice girl.

This series continues to pay off as far as all the foreshadowing it’s been dishing out all this time.  We get the full story on the antagonistic relationship between Kyo and Yuki.  Kyo actually explains it himself.  I’m not entirely sure that Yuki feels the same way Kyo does, especially since Yuki gets angrier that I’ve ever seen him in this volume.  It’s scary, but to be fair, Kyo is being a big jerk.  But it’s made clear that Yuki is probably the best friend Kyo has.  A lot of the volume focuses on the two of them, and it really got to me.  This series has been trying so hard to get to me all this time, and the last volume and this one succeeded.  Between the conversation Tohru and Kyo have and all the stuff between Yuki and Kyo, it will be hard to top these two with much of anything else in the next two volumes.  There’s certainly a few things I’d still like to see, but I suspect the next two volumes will just be a massive wind-down and another really awesome scene between Tohru and Kyo.

Speaking of awesome scenes, Hanajima and Uotani put in an appearance towards the end of the volume.  I prefer the two of them not being serious, because they are extremely funny and/or scary.  Here, they’ve found out what Kyo said to Tohru, and when Kyo turns to glare at Yuki, the latter says something along the lines of “Sorry friend, I guess I told them, I didn’t think they’d get angry!”  Hatsuharu is also pretty funny whenever he appears, and he’s got a few good lines in this volume.

Akito finally has the freak-out I’ve been waiting for.  The last volume hinted at this when he ran away from the Sohma estate with a knife after stabbing someone, but he times his re-appearance tragically well.  His freak-out is actually less his doing and more him having to confront unpleasant situations that he would just rather not face.  I found his conversation with Tohru and Tohru’s powers of persuasion highly, HIGHLY unlikely, but I did like the scenes in the hospital later.

Oh dear, and now I’m caught up.  I’ve got a long wait for the next volume, something that’s not bothered me about Fruits Basket until just this moment.

2 Responses to “Fruits Basket 21”

  1. Derek Says:

    Sorry, it’s a bit hard to take you seriously as a reviewer when you get your facts wrong: Akito is female and this is an important plot point you should not miss.

  2. Connie Says:

    I think it’s quite impossible to read this far in the series without knowing that. Don’t worry, I only use that pronoun to refer to Akito as a way to avoid overt spoilers. I actually had the series spoiled for me by a careless comment, so I’m pretty sensitive to that sort of thing.

    But I appreciate the vote of confidence. Thank you.

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