I Shall Never Return 5

February 19, 2009

I’ve got a bit of a flu this week, so I apologize if my posts have been less frequent.  I’ve been sleeping instead of reading, which is a true tragedy.

I did get to read this, which is the conclusion to a rather nice BL series.  On one hand, I felt it drug things out a little long, but that may be because it waited so long to address what appeared to be a car crash at the end of last volume.  It makes up for this by filling in a story about Ritsuro getting drawn into Ken and Kazuyoshi’s old lifestyle.  Some thugs that were after Kazuyoshi actually pick up Ritsuro to get to him, and when they find out Ritsuro is the one who Ken straightened up for, they basically rape him.  In the aftermath, Ritsuro’s parents find out about his and Ken’s relationship, and his father doesn’t take it well.

Meanwhile, Ken and his stepdad have a minor crisis on thier hands in India, which only gets worse when Ken’s dad loses one of the things most important to him.  Ritsuro gets a call from Ken’s mom about Ken and his dad being lost somewhere, and she goes to India to track them down.

Of course the two meet up once again before the end of the story.  It felt pretty great, but it drove me crazy that they were both willing to be apart and were rather amiable about it.  Not so much because of Ken’s whole family situation, which is understandable, but because of his career.  It ends on a slightly better note, though.

There’s a short story at the end about Kazuyoshi and Ken meeting and how Ken first got into selling himself.  It’s interesting, and it was interesting to see that side of Ken again after watching all the effort it took him to straighten his life out and find what it was he wanted to do.

It was an easy series to read and like since I liked all the characters.  The relationships are sincere and the drama intense, which is about all you can ask in a series like this.  It was written quite a bit better than most romance stories, but I wouldn’t call it among the best.  It is a good read, though, and someone looking for a great BL story wouldn’t do badly reading this one.

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