Elemental Gelade 9

March 1, 2009

Well, this volume was slightly more interesting than the last.  The characters run into a cowboy-type festival in the next town.  The doctor that helped to cure Ren gives them all festival-appropriate costumes, which are all cowboy themed.  Except for Cisqua, who has to wear a really weird cow suit.

More stuff with the forces working to kidnap Ren come forward, except the explanation is either too general, too bland, or not in depth enough.  I see that the bad guy from last volume reports to a woman, who sends out another bad guy of equal rank that the characters tangle with here.  And then the leader goes to meet with another leader.  They all have names, and they all clearly are interested in Ren.  But they make for bland villians.

The guy they send out in this volume is okay, though.  He collects Edel Raids, and is trying to get one of each type.  He then goes on the explain strengths and weaknesses among Edel Raids, stuff like fire types are weak against water types, etc.  It was sort of interesting, but also sort of made me want to play Pokemon instead.

Anyway.  He seems to know Cou well enough to know that his weakness is bunny girls, so he dresses all his Edel Raids up in this fashion and ambushes Cou.  I’m… not entirely sure why Cou’s weakness is bunny girls.  Maybe it’s just bunnies.  He doesn’t seem like he has any sexual attraction to them or anything… he just sort of likes them.

He and Ren do get to fight together, which is nice… but again, I’m not a big fan of the fight scenes in this series.  Even with all the explanations flying around, it was still kind of boring.

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