V. B. Rose 3

March 14, 2009

I read volume 3 and 4 out of order, unfortunately.  Volume 4 left me with an extremely negative impression, so I think I enjoyed this volume a little less than I would have otherwise.

What I didn’t like about volume 4 was that 22-year-old Yukari had a crush on 15-year-old Ageha, which I could not justify in my mind.  It’s okay for Ageha to have a crush on him, but recriprocating it is not okay in my mind.  But more on that next time.

This volume is more about Ageha dealing with her feelings for Yukari and him sort of… showing hints of affection and showing signs that his feelings may be headed in the same direction as hers.  Hints are fine for me, and I like his casual and somewhat thoughtless (in a good way) affection as reciprocation for Ageha’s feelings.

I liked the dynamic the two had in this volume a lot, actually.  Ageha’s crush reaches mammoth proportions when Kuromine tells her Yukari doesn’t tolerate part-timers asking him out (or rather, part-timers always wind up quitting after asking him out and being rejected since he tends to make things awkward afterwards).  The joking relationship between the two of them, and Ageha’s ability to see through Yukari’s somewhat gruff and pointed personality and reciprocate with her own quick emotions in most situations is very enjoyable.

Yukari’s family situation is revealed in this volume.  He’s got a little half-brother and a mother with a history.  His little brother is a duplicate of him, and Ageha takes to the little guy right away.  The woman in charge of the dress shop next door is also tied strangely into things.

There’s a cute scene at the end where Yukari swoops in to rescue Ageha at one point.  I kind of liked that, too, if only because it was a pretty girly shoujo scene, and I take great pleasure when those are done right.

I really did enjoy this volume though, and would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not read the fourth volume first.  More on my problems with the series tomorrow, though.

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