Nephilim 2

March 31, 2009

I couldn’t tell you a single thing about volume one of this series save for the fact I remember I really, really disliked it.  Reading volume two was like starting at a clean slate (especially since events at the end of volume one took the main character out of commission for awhile), but I think the series turns into something completely different here.

It’s still only a mediocre series.  Here, the nephilim from last volume is looking for the main character.  After getting himself involved in a couple situations, he runs into an organization dedicated to freeing nephilim out of various situations (like enslavement, working in a brothel, et cetera).  It provides a bit of structure to the series, though it’s kind of weird that the plot has taken this direction.

The main character from last volume, Guy, is just doing a lot of weird things here.  He acts rather forward with the nephilim that has been tracking him down for over a year, but then he gets caught in bed with a woman who is part of the organization.  He’s quite protective of the nephilim, but it’s also clear he’s got feelings for the woman, too.  Weirdly, this situation lacks drama, though the nephilim does get pretty worked up about it.

Apparently there is a third volume of this series.  I  wonder if we’ll get to see it.  The story definitely improved this volume, so maybe things will continue to improve each time.  I have to admit, I do want to see Guy get himself out of the situation he wound up in at the end of the volume here.

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