Yakitate!! Japan 17

March 31, 2009

I’m still getting used to the weird sense of humor this series has.  Something tells me that when the characters are yelling and over-exaggerating things, the speech may have involved a pun in a few cases that just couldn’t be carried over.  Or, at least, that makes more sense than what’s going on in some cases.  There are also weird things like characters posing in the shapes of letters and things that don’t make much sense.

The curved scallions bread battle was interesting because both teams made the exact same bread.  I was wondering where the battle was going, since the opponent swore to commit ritual suicide if he lost.  He seemed pretty serious about it, and given the fact he had an expert on his side, I kind of figured the battle would go to the opponent.  Things aren’t that simple, and I’m not sure if I liked the weird place things went at the end, but… it was not what I expected, and that’s a good thing.

The visual gag from the judge wasn’t quite as excellent as the tapir-mounted haniwa pose from the last match, but his relentless pursuit of what he wanted sort of made up for it.

The next battle is a little different.  The opponent is an extremely famous and well-certified European Chef, and not only are the terms of the match in the competition completely different, the outcome of the match has a direct bearing on Kanmuri, one of the Pantasia teammates.  I actually thought he was a girl until the second half of this volume.  I’m not particularly sure why, since he’s sort of genderless.  I guess I just figured it made sense there was a really smart girl working for the good guys.

I like it okay, but it’s not quite as addictive as the better shounen series are.  Again, this may just be because the sense of humor just isn’t falling into place for me, because it’s certainly very quirky and unique, and it definitely stands out in the crowd of shounen series for its premise alone.  I suspect if I read it from the beginning, I would enjoy it much more.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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