Hayate X Blade 3

April 24, 2009

Okay, you win, Hayate X Blade.  I can’t find it in my heart to condemn any manga that makes a CHiPs reference.  Ayana and Hayate as Jon and Poncherello was just too much for me.

Aside from Hayate’s random American 70s pop culture reference, I liked this volume much better than the other two.  It definitely seems to be getting better and better with each volume, and at this point, it seems like the series has found the right balance between action and comedy.  It’s really fun to read now.  I don’t mind that Hayate is a spazz, and I expect Jun to be lecherous, and I like the Kaicho’s strange brand of cruelty/caring.  And seeing some of the other eccentric characters is a pleasure at this point, because none of them were over the top.  There was even a really great breast gag at the beginning of one chapter, and I didn’t think those actually existed.

After wrapping up the “bogus landlord sends her daughter after Hayate” storyline from last volume, there’s a gag chapter, then a long story about Jun and her partner that takes up most of the volume.  It was pretty serious stuff, and I enjoyed the backstory for Jun and her partner Yuho quite a bit more than I thought I would.  Yuho is ill, and her mother is insisting she be pulled from the academy.  The thing is, though, that Yuho wants Jun to fight Ayana just so she can participate in a serious fight one last time before the pair of them have to leave (Jun is also some sort of bodyguard for Yuho, ancient family thing, ninjas, et cetera).  Getting parents and family histories and the Kaicho directly involved was all good stuff.

I think the only two things I disliked about the story was an out-of-character moment from Jun when she baited Ayana, and that Hayate’s ego seemed to be going through the roof due to her team’s winning streak.  The fact that character discrepancies like that were the only flaws is a pretty good sign that the characters have grown pretty likable by now.

Of course, there was also the issue of the entire volume building up to the fight, then cutting off just as the fight reached its climax.  I… really want to read volume 4, and that’s quite something considering how much I disliked the first volume.

This was a review copy provided by Seven Seas.

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