Banana Fish 7

April 29, 2009

Wow.  Everything here is just… extremely well-orchestrated.  As one character puts it, Ash finally gets off defense and goes on offense.  Using a computer (and this was a lot more plausible when the manga first came out) he hacks into a bunch of companies and basically bankrupts and ruins Dino.  This has repercussions, some of which are threatening, most of which are kind of amusing and in Ash’s favor.

A gang war gets underway here, too.  Dino “buys” Ash off the NYPD when he funds a prominent politician, and the entire police department goes out and starts picking up random blond boys off the street in order to catch Ash.  Arthur also has clearance to do whatever he wants, so all the various gangs in New York City are also in motion.  Ash takes a number of countermeasures that are varying degrees of funny and terrifying.

Really, nothing is quite as funny as the father/son pair of Max and Ash, though.  Ash’s one-upmanship is just not to be believed.

Man, everything about this series is just… well played.  It’s fantastic.

6 Responses to “Banana Fish 7”

  1. Oh, I love Banana Fish so much, and I can’t help feeling giddy watching you enjoying it here! Volume 7 is where it moved to the next level for me, from simply engaging to OMG AWESOME. Hee.

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  3. Cyphomandra Says:

    The NYPD really do fail to think things through, don’t they? And I love Max and Ash’s not-quite-familial relationship – it’s a bit rough on Max, but probably good for him, and at least it’s better than when Ash was threatening to kill him. Probably.

    My favourite thing in this volume is the bit about pumpkins, which I thought was just brilliant (particularly Eiji’s completely unsupportive reaction).

    (and hi! Have been lurking on and off for a bit – last time I looked in, you were up to v4 of Banana Fish, and I’d read the first two but was having massive trouble tracking down v3. Look forward to seeing what you think of later volumes)

  4. Connie Says:

    Man, I forgot to mention that part about the pumpkins. I particularly like when Eiji just takes advantage of the bizarre phobia later.

    Ooh, did you wind up finding the shoujo edition of volume 3? I wound up with the Pulp edition just because it was easier to get ahold of, but it does sort of stand out from the crowd.

  5. Connie Says:

    Yeah, these plot twists and stuff are pretty epic, I have to say. After shunning this for so many years, I’m really surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.

  6. Cyphomandra Says:

    I did! I think I got it from one of the second hand dealers on Amazon, but there was multiple listing weirdness and things not showing up on searches (this was before their recent problems) and for a while I had unread copies of volumes 4 through 15 taunting me while I waited for 3 to show up.

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