Hot Steamy Glasses

May 5, 2009

I just… I couldn’t help it.  How do you not buy a book with a title like that, especially if it’s on sale?  The novelty sort of ended for me there, because this has been sitting around unread for months.

It does a few slightly different things with the typical BL plot, I suppose.  The main love interest is sort of an asshole, which isn’t that unusual, but the fact he doesn’t rape the main character is.  He actually has no interest in the main character at all.   The two have been childhood friends for years and Fumi has made it more than clear to Takeo that nothing will ever happen.  Takeo still pines after him, however, and thus we have our story.

But… yeah.  You know what happens.  Eventually Fumi falls for Takeo.  Bonus points for Takeo being the head of a billion-yen company, though.  He’s able to pull all sorts of special tricks for Fumi because of that.  Conversely, he also gets called away on bizarre business meetings a lot, which doesn’t sit well with Fumi sometimes.  Takeo’s also a moe otaku.  Make of that what you will.

When they finally do hook up at the end of the volume, the couple dynamic was a little surprising.  It was intentional, but it was still nice to see the twist.

It was cute, but to be honest, it didn’t leave much of an impression.  I won’t ever read it again, and I don’t even know that I enjoyed it very much while I was reading it.  Oh well.  I wasn’t really expecting amazing things.

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