MPD Psycho 8

June 25, 2009

Holy crap, what?  WHAT?!

I actually had to read and re-read several pages at the beginning a few times to make sure what I thought happened actually occurred.  We get the ridiculousness of Kazuhiko Amamiya’s personality being passed back and forth between a few people, something that angered me at the end of the last volume… and then something totally and 100% series-breaking happens.  I’m not even sure… I mean, can they do that?

I just… I may have just lost my reason for reading this.  I’m going to need some time to figure out how this major and seriously ballsy plot move affects the rest of the series.  While I didn’t really care for this volume as much as some of the more action-packed and traditional volumes from the past… I mean, holy crap, seeing that may have been worth reading through all of MPD Psycho’s nonsense.

Aside from sorting through the destruction of the splinter-barcode organization and reconciling Machi and Sasayama’s place in everything after… well, everything goes down, the rest of the volume was much less exciting save for Sasayama’s bizarre new little-girl geek partner and the hazing he constantly subjects her to.  I like that he’s calling her the equivalent of Colombo, though it made me cry when the notes in the back of the book suggested younger people might not know who that is.  It makes me cry to think I’m old enough that things like that would fly over other’s heads.

Basically the only direction we have at the moment is in this new set of ritual killings that Sasayama is investigating (a male/female rib is being implanted into female murder victims, presumably in a reenactment of creation), someone that looks just like Lucy Monostone shows up, and… you know, Kazuhiko Amamiya, as always.

Yeah, I don’t know, but my hat’s off to you, MPD Psycho, for doing something that is impossible to take back.  A shame that it was the most interesting piece of the puzzle, though.

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