Silver Diamond 3

June 29, 2009

Ooh, nice!  Very nice!  Lots of plot is laid out here, and the vague hints that have been dropped thus far begin to shape up into what appears to be a pretty intricate fantasy plot.  I’m not unhappy with anything I saw in this volume, and everything from the death of worlds to twins the polar opposite of each other to characters that appear as both heroes and villains… Silver Diamond has it all.  I am so impressed.  Even better, it’s definitely taking its time about setting all this up.  Normally a shoujo series with this much to say would be rushed through all its exposition, but apparently the exposition will continue through volume four, and then the plot will begin to move forward.  Excellent, excellent stuff.

I was a little put off at first with what seemed like a forced relationship between Chigusa and Rakan.  Of all the things this series doesn’t do well, its requisite fanservice is one of them, which is truly amazing.  I like to think it’s because it’s so awesome that it can’t pander to an audience.  There are a lot of strange, forced scenes between Chigusa and Rakan.  I then realized that these scenes were kind of bad because Chigusa doesn’t have any emotions, and that everything he was saying was supposed to sound hollow and forced, which took things to a new level of meta/awesomeness… but didn’t quite explain Rakan’s strange reactions.  I remembered this during a rather nice scene between Chigusa and Rakan towards the end of the volume, and while I’m still not that big a fan of the couple, I can mostly forgive all the awkwardness between them since there are reasons in the story for it.

So… yeah, pretty much, I’m going to read volume four right now, because I want to see where else the plot goes.  I’m pretty excited, because apparently the life-sucking prince now has a sanome, and is all ready to recreate the world with people of his choosing… who may or may not be misfits?… but at any rate, everyone’s about to cross dimensions to stop him.  All the little sub-races and numbered people also have yet to be explained, and what has been established for, say, the Narushige tribe might turn out to be a lie too, and…

Yeah.  Anyway.  I’m going to go read more.  Awesome stuff, this Silver Diamond.

3 Responses to “Silver Diamond 3”

  1. jun Says:

    Yay for Silver Diamond love!

    I never really noticed that the Chigusa and Rakan scenes seemed stiff at all, but your theory about it being on purpose because of Chigusa’s crippled emotions seems dead on. This is one of those stories where things seem carefully planned as opposed to haphazard, so I’d be willing to bet all that is intentional.

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  3. Connie Says:

    I’m pretty sure it was intentional. It was like a light switch flipping on when I remembered that Chigusa was supposed to lack proper emotions, and his awkwardness was literally the only thing that I was not enjoying about the series. The writing and plotting are exceptionally good, and I love the depth since it seems like just another average shoujo series on the surface.

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