Game X Rush 1

August 4, 2009

Mizuho Kusanagi – Tokyopop – 2009 – 2 volumes

I reviewed this for the Manga Recon, so you can check out the full review over there.

Basically, I thought I was really going to hate it, and after 40 pages that put me into a coma, it turned itself completely around when it turned out it had been using manga plot devices to lure me into a sense of security so that it could turn the character I liked into the type of person that beheads little girls with piano wire.

As I said in the review, it doesn’t rise much above what it seems like it will be in those first 40 pages (the boys are still friends who work together share their deep dark secrets or whatever), but it does have a great sense of humor and a messed-up way of dealing with things that makes it very entertaining.  It loves abusing manga stereotypes for comedic effect, and I was won over in a manly love scene that rivals the Lohmeyer adoration in Honey and Clover.  Not a must read, but a very entertaining read all the same, and it’ll be even better if it turns out to actually be two volumes, since it is episodic and would lose its novelty quickly if it went on too long.

Also, I’m having a lot of trouble not calling it Cross X Break (a Duo Brand series published in English by Go!Comi) or Cross X Game (without the X in the title, a Mitsuru “baseball” Adachi series).

4 Responses to “Game X Rush 1”

  1. jun Says:

    According to some sites, it is indeed only two volumes long. Hopefully they’ll send us v2 for review when it comes out. :)

  2. Connie Says:

    Oh, great! The only info I could really find on it were listings for the two volumes at Amazon Japan, and they had both come out several years ago. She mentioned it came out infrequently in a side magazine, so I thought it might just have been stalled, too. Hopefully it has a conclusion.

  3. jun Says:

    Yeah, that’s not always a given, alas.

  4. Connie Says:

    Yeah, that’s okay. I’ll pick it up either way since I liked the first volume so much.

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