MPD Psycho 9

August 29, 2009

Story: Eiji Otsuka / Art: Sho-U Tajima – Dark Horse – 2009 – 13+ volumes

I don’t even know what to say about this.  Twins?  Twins?!

And to think I gave it credit for what happened a couple volumes back.  Now all of that’s undone.

Strangely, focus has shifted to Sasayama as the main character.  Sasayama has always been a major player, but over the last couple volumes, the action has shifted to focus on what it is that he’s uncovering.  It’s possible it’s been like this for quite some time and I failed to notice because things were so badly shaken up.  But all the same, Sasayama amuses me because of his presence as a very different type of character in Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.  It would be magnificent and mind-blowing if the two series somehow pulled a Tsubasa/Holic and combine in a strange way, but I don’t forsee that being possible.  Even a little bit.

Things are still meandering along, plot-wise.  Tetora is running around, random Gakuso agents are running around acting on different tasks, twins of different and insane random characters are running around and getting killed, and now we can’t even trust Machi?  I don’t know, I think that’s bad advice.  Gakuso is now exercising government influence for some reason, but… may not be anymore?

Seriously.  I’m just not sure where this is going right now.  Literally, I have no idea what’s going to happen next volume.  There currently aren’t any open plot threads save for the fact we supposedly can’t trust Machi.  Whatever.

On the plus side, I love the editor’s notes in the back of the volume.  Cultural notes are sometimes noted in the panel gutters and sometimes in the notes in the back, but the majority of the end notes are used to remind the reader who the hell the random characters are and what’s going on.  Extremely useful.  I certainly remembered who the female character was (if I remember one character in this series, it will be her), but I couldn’t figure out why Sasayama was reacting to the male murder victim until I read the end notes.  Thank you, kind editor of MPD Psycho!

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