Detroit Metal City 2

September 1, 2009

Kiminori Wakasugi – Viz – 2009 – 7+ volumes
WARNING: I can’t talk about this series without swearing and being vulgar.  I just can’t.  Be advised.

I mentioned this elsewhere, but we recently had a feature at Manga Recon about the best manga from the first half of 2009.  Part of me cried for choosing this and taking Real off my list, but the other part of me loves to laugh and secretly wants to be able to use lines like “What the fuck did you do to my clit boner-inducing lines?!” in everyday discourse.

The laughs are cheap here.  The jokes are either terrible or based entirely on shouting profanity and sexual innuendo.  But when you are as energetic and sincere about the profanity as Detroit Metal City, it ceases to be groan-inducing and is instead hilarious.  The terrible jokes are things like… I don’t know, Negishi worrying about whether his makeup is on straight, the crowd saying Krauser’s face is warped because the moon is partially covered, and the Negishi silently thinking that his makeup must look weird.  I love Negishi’s moderate reactions like that, especially when the situation is insane as some of the ones in this volume.

There continues to be… not really an overarching plot, though several things happen in this volume.  Early chapters are devoted to schooling a punk band called “Kintama Girls” that have been badmouthing DMC, somewhere in the middle of the volume DMC puts out an album and promotes it, and towards the end they do battle with a rapper named Kiva (hilariously explained as “Ghostface Ninja,” because he’s a ninja, not a killah).  In between, there are more of the insane one-shots that somehow top the ones from the last volume.  Many are about his ladyfriend Aikawa, who should have stopped talking to him a long time ago but hasn’t.  I laughed until I cried while reading one where randomly muttered phrases send fans gathering at Tokyo Tower and Negishi shows up to try and disperse the crowd and winds up making Tokyo Tower cum.  I read it and still don’t know how that works, but I loved every single panel in that chapter.  Nothing went to waste. I also laughed really hard at the results of a poor DMC fan’s surgery, and how it inspired the 11-rapes-in-one-second Satsugai song, which really did cause Krauser to cut his tongue.

Another charming detail is in the bizarrely rough art.  It’s kind of crude, but the details are where it counts.  Facial expressions in particular are great.  Krauser’s facial expressions always make me laugh since his face is already pretty funny, but I was tearing up towards the end as he was staring in disbelief at Kiva and his horrible rhymes.  Actually, the entire story with Kiva the rapper was just magical.

This and Strawberry-chan are the funniest gag manga I’ve ever read.  I can’t help but laugh at crude, terrible junior high humor.  Especially when it’s done oh so right.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

2 Responses to “Detroit Metal City 2”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Do you actually say “What the fuck did you do to my clit boner-inducing lines?!” in your daily life now?? Hahaha

    Cute review, thanks

  2. Connie Says:

    No, I keep waiting for the perfect way to work it into my conversation though. One day, I’ll be able to curse as effectively as the president, and it will be a great day.

    Glad you liked the review. ^_^

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