Berserk 26

September 3, 2009

Kentaro Miura – Dark Horse – 2008 – 33+ volumes

I always somehow forget just how cool Berserk actually is until I read a new volume.  I mean, I remember it’s pretty cool, but then… you know, massive troll destruction, Cenobites summoned from the entrails of trolls, “Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea,” you know.  Berserk is the coolest thing I own.

So, as expected, troll slaying commences for the first half of this volume.  I actually figured this would be a lot more violent than it actually was, but I think that has something to do with the fact the design on the trolls is less human-looking, so the violence isn’t registering as much for me.  They’re still having their heads and bodies cleaved in half and literally there is page after page of Guts splitting them with his sword, so don’t think the battle is skimping in any way.  It’s not.  Guts is taking extra delight in the fact that he’s sent all the children away so he can actually cut loose in a hundred beast brawl for the first time in a long time.

He loses his shirt in one of the most horrible/erotic scenes in the series yet.  I was seriously recoiling from the book in horror at the “Whore Princess of the Uterine Sea” section.  I mean… what was even going on there?  Was it pleasure as well as pain?  It seemed… it seemed like they were both into it.  Though “it” doesn’t really mean anything here, since this was uncharacteristically chaste for a fight climax in Berserk.

Guts stays shirtless for the entire second half of the book.  We get to see the first confrontation between Guts and the new Band of the Hawk, but not with Griffith just yet.  Guts is rather mortally wounded in both body and spirit in the… uh, “Uterus of Darkness” (again, unusually for Berserk, this is not what you think).  He can’t put up much of a fight against the great warrior of the Band of the Hawk, so he gets some help.  Some excellent help.  Berserker armor.


Also, “The first form I’ve taken in some time… alas, troll entrails make for a revolting ethereal figure” is one of the coolest lines in the series yet.  It rivals the one about Guts losing his desire to kill a few volumes back.

4 Responses to “Berserk 26”

  1. Jinei Says:

    That armor RULES. And I honestly can’t think of anyone from any other series that could actually wear it…Guts is just badass all the way.

  2. Connie Says:

    Now that I’ve read volume 27, I realize just how badass that armor really is. I mean, it kind of kills him as he fights by impaling him with metal spikes as his bones break. It’s incredible. It fits Guts so well. I love it.

  3. Jinei Says:

    lol Anybody else using it would break one bone and just go “Fuck it…I’m out of here.” Guts is like “Give me some cursed demon spikes in my MULTIPLE broken bones so I can still fight!”

    What’s awesome about the armor is the way Miura depicts the fights with it on, with multiple drawings of Guts in the same panel, with speed lines showing you what he’s doing, like when he killed that Stegosaurus looking thing by dashing past it as he sliced open it’s side, and then leaping onto it’s back and impaling it through the top of the head. IN ONE PANEL.

    Also the part where everyone realized what the armor was doing to him, his leg and arm get broken to HELL, and then all of a sudden they twist violently back into place, accompanied by spurts of blood, which sprays from the chinks in the armor while he fights. Everyone watching is just going “Holy shit!”

  4. Connie Says:

    Yeah, I forgot to mention that scene where his arms just twist back to where they belong. That was pretty amazing. I liked the reaction shot in volume 28, though, where everyone’s mouths are literally hanging open in shock while he’s fighting that monster. It was great.

    I wouldn’t have believed it possible, bu that armor really is making the fights better. I didn’t think they could get much cooler, but then here we are. I have a little bit of trouble following some of them, especially exactly what was happening to that gigantic monster that was summoning the crocodile men, but I can’t argue with those crocodile men getting sliced and diced just before that.

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