Berserk 30

September 10, 2009

Kentaro Miura – Dark Horse – 2009 – 33+ volumes

And with that, I’m caught up.  Boo.  I had forgotten that Dark Horse was switching paper stock until I read this.  It’s noticeable, but doesn’t really strike me as a bad thing.  I like my manga pulpy.

Anyway.  There’s a huge, HUGE fight at the end of this volume.  Actually… make that through the entire volume, but it gets particularly intense towards the end.  And sort of funny.  Guts kills a single gigantic demon tiger that crashes a high-society ball, then slays a herd of gigantic demon tigers that bust in after that one is dead.  Then the town is sieged by horned demons.  Guts slays them.  As the heroes make their escape, a gigantic elephant behemoth larger than the buildings, similar to the one they fought a couple volumes ago, appears out of nowhere.  Flanking it are the horned demons.  Riding on demon tigers.  Guts clashes epically with the elephant monster, and then as a finisher, jumps off the top of its head and slays several of the tiger-riding demons, tigers and all, as they are about to attack Schierke and company.  I mean, it’s awesome, but it’s also way over-the-top in a hilarious way.

I think I enjoyed these fights even more because Guts had an audience.  I laughed as panel after panel featured nobles, aristocrats, soldiers, townspeople, and pretty much everyone not in his party staring in open-mouthed shock as he fought.  I’m glad that the series stops to acknowledge what is happening is insane every now and again.

There’s lots of important plot developments, like the very religious aristocrats of the port city having to suddenly accept the existence of magic when the demons appear and Farnese, the daughter of the most influential man in town, uses witchcraft to save them.  Her father doesn’t quite accept it, but her brother and new beau do.  The two new characters… while I don’t really want them in the party, they are at least amusing for the time being.  The beau, Roderick, is a knight-in-shining-armor-type of guy who just isn’t equipped to slay the demons like Guts and company.  Farnese’s brother is a coward, though, and has no problem cowering behind little Schierke in a fight.  I kind of liked that.

And… now I have to wait for new volumes like everyone else.  Bah.

7 Responses to “Berserk 30”

  1. mark thorpe Says:

    Congrats for catching up! I’m glad Dark Horse announced that the old format is returning. I hated the length and floppy feel of this book. It felt like a Tokyopop book in my hands, yuck. And I still had to pay fourteen dollars!

  2. Connie Says:

    That’s true, I forgot that the Dark Horse volumes are a few dollars more than most other books. That does make me feel a little more insulted that it cost the same as the others, and I wasn’t all that happy by the fact that it was so much thinner that the size of the stuff on the spine had to change. But I don’t mind the floppier books in theory. I do wish it heralded a price drop, though.

  3. Jinei Says:

    Yeah, I remember considering getting a few volumes of Hellsing, and HOLY SHIT they’re like twice the price of everything else. And the same size.

    And I think a turning point in this manga was when that guy spilled beer on Schierke’s new clothes. Well, immediately after that, when Guts punched his face in. Oddly enough, that was almost a demonstration of restraint. I mean, he has a gigantic sword on his back, and he decided just to break some face bones. Almost solely because Schierke looked sad.

  4. Connie Says:

    I mean, she looked so cute, and had a beer spilled on her almost immediately, and yeah, she made the sad face. The punch was a given. Any gentleman would do that to a man that causes the sad face in a girl.

    Hellsing… if you can find it on sale, it’s… more worth it than Trigun. I’m waiting rather impatiently for the last volume to come out. It’s pretty insane, ridiculous, and fairly nonsensical, though reading the volumes back to back helps keep the thread of the story. Not that the story will win any awards. It is pretty good for that violent action fix, though.

  5. Jinei Says:

    Hehe, that was the point. When the hell was Guts ever a gentleman before that? He’s punched people for less than that, but not because they splashed some beer on somebody. MAYBE when somebody’s about to rape someone.

    I have to say I liked the part a little bit before that, when Schierke was talking to that other girl right around the pirate fight, when she realized that Guts had been watching like the entire thing from the shadow under the gateway. And, at one (telepathic) word from her, Guts would have SLAUGHTERED that Captain Hook looking guy.

  6. Connie Says:

    Well, you know, a gentleman in the keeps-to-himself-except-to-kill-demons sense. Haha, and I like the “maybe when someone’s about to get raped” as a reason for punching. Because sometimes he just doesn’t intervene. Only if it’s a demon, really.

    I love reading through the early volumes where he went out of his way to make people angry, because it seems weird to reconcile that with the broken guy that comes out on the other side of the sacrifice. He used to punch people just because they were old back then.

    I do love how protective he is of Schierke. I kind of wish he was like that for Isidro too, and that part of his intervention would have been to help him, but he would let Isidro deal with his own problems. Schierke, despite wielding the strong powers of a witch, just needs that extra-close eye kept on her. It’s adorable, which is something I never thought i would say about Berserk.

  7. Jinei Says:

    Isidro’s been on his own for a long time, and MIGHT possibly take offense to Gut’s hypothetical constant protection, aside from wishing he had real life Tivo so he could rewind and study more intently the good parts of the gigantic Cuisinart that is Guts.

    Schierke, on the other hand, was never alone a day in her life, and Guts already saved ALL of their skins like….well, every time anything happens, so not only does she expect it by now, I think she rather likes it. You know, aside from the whole “armor head eats Guts’ head and tries to make him kill them all” thing. Which in and of itself is kind of a bonding ritual for the two of them.

    Said ritual is as follows.
    1)Monsters attack
    2)Guts kills monsters
    3)Big monster appears, hurts Guts
    4)Armor eats Guts
    5)Guts goes insane
    5)Guts kills monsters
    6)Schierke saves him (and by proxy everybody else) in the only way anybody can, which is to say the way only SHE can. She’s amazed by the apparent ocean of rage he has inside him, and is then even more amazed by how nice he is to her and the rest of his friends despite it.

    Hahahah “used to punch people just because they were old.” Age is a messed up qualifier for a face punch, particularly OLD age. Particularly from Guts, an 8 foot tall one-eyed freakjob with an iron hand.

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