We Were There 7

November 26, 2009

Yuki Obata – Viz – 2009 – 13+ volumes

I am ridiculously fond of this series.  I got this volume a week or so ago, and was sad that time has prevented me from reading it until now (I know I’ve read other things this week, but I’ve got strange rituals that rank some of those above this in terms of priority).  Again, it’s probably my favorite shoujo manga from this year, and it does so many things right, the main thing being that it captures real emotion and awkwardness in a relationship better than any other manga I’ve read.

It’s also extremely dramatic and bittersweet, and there’s always a sense that something bad will happen immediately.  It often does, and it’s always the end of the world for these characters.  I can see a lot of people being put off by this, because there is very rarely anything happy that interrupts all this drama.  All the same, it’s pretty good stuff.

It starts falling into Sand Chronicles traps in this volume, though.  Promises are made, characters say they are getting better, will try hard to keep the other person’s feelings in mind, and then just fail spectacularly for no reason.  There are a couple minor misunderstandings at work, but the misunderstandings aren’t the problem, and thankfully most characters get over them fairly quickly.  The real problem here was that Nana refused to listen to Yano, or talk to him, or even give him the time of day to try and apologize and make right what he’d done, which was that big a deal (but, of course, meant the world to Nana).  I liked that several characters made the point that Nana was simply doing it out of… whatever, and unless she let Yano talk to her and admit she was at least partially in the wrong, Yano would stop trying to make up to her.

This was, keep in mind, a volume after the characters pledged their renewed and undying love for each other and promised they’d do whatever they could to make wrongs right.  Sigh.

I’ll come back for more.  Again and again.  Because I am ridiculously addicted.  Despite the heavy drama and repetition of the same stuff, it’s an amazing series and I love reading it.

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