Arm of Kannon 5

November 30, 2009

Masakazu Yamaguchi – Tokyopop – 2005 – 9 volumes

I was right, I don’t like it as much now that Mao is gone.  On the other hand, I was not expecting the wheel of reincarnation to whip back around and give us the same characters once again.  Mao seems to be represented in a magician named Shinjuro, and the Isurugi monk is represented by a charismatic gang leader named Rou.  The arm doesn’t seem to be as powerful this time around.  I think it’s implied that Rou has it, but he is neither insane nor as powerful as one who possesses it is supposed to be.  But only Shinjuro is the only one who can match him, which may bring about some serious business later.

I’m not entirely sure that the characters are supposed to be reincarnations.  The Isurugi monk was supposed to be immortal, after all, and it isn’t stated overtly that these characters are reincarnations.  But the name of Rou’s gang is “Re-Birth” (keep in mind, the series is called “Birth” in Japan), and Mao’s face melts into Shinjuro’s face on the very first page in what I take to be some sort of symbolism, so… you know, take that as you will.  That’s just Arm of Kannon being awesome.

I still like it, even though there’s not much to it.  The symbolic stuff has stopped in this volume, and while I’m not a big fan of the storyline stopping and picking up with new characters, I like this about as much as I liked the first volume, so maybe these characters will grow on me again in the upcoming volumes.  I hope that we don’t get a third storyline later, though.

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