Breath 1

December 5, 2009

Chifumi Ochi – Yaoi Generation – 2008 – 5 volumes

I can’t help but be excited when picking up a book from a new publisher.  Regardless of what that book is, there’s something awesome about anticipating what the reading experience will be like.  There’s never that much difference, unless we’re talking about, say, Vertical or Drawn & Quarterly, but it’s still very exciting.

Yaoi Generation does publish a nice book.  The paper stock is high quality, so the book is a little thinner than usual.  There’s also a color page at the beginning.  The nice paper makes the lines look very sharp.  Sometimes the screentones look a little fuzzy, but it seems more like an issue with the original since the lines look good.  And the translation seemed fine to me, I noticed no real issues.

The story itself, on the other hand, is kinda… eh.  Not really my type of story.  It’s a master/slave premise that starts out okay, with both parties enjoying really intense-looking sex, but then it goes into non-con territory for the rest of the book, which is never something I like reading.  The other problem is that the non-con happens again and again and again.  Aside from the premise that a one-night stand that acted like a jerk turned out to be the main character’s friend’s brother [edit: woah, that “friend” makes all the difference in the world there, sorry for the error], the rest of the book is spent with the main character blackmailing the brother into having sex over and over again against his will.

This is probably one of the most sex-heavy yaoi books I’ve seen, rivaled by… mmm, maybe the Finder Series.  It’s also got a little more definition to the neither parts than they usually do.  While the genitals are still more-or-less vague (they’re outlined, but not given too much definition), the anus is drawn in pretty frequently, and the main character has a lot of fun with it.  There are also panels with no background that… sort of illustrate what the fingers are doing in the anus, which is something I’ve never seen before.  So… yeah.  There’s an FYI for you.

It’s five volumes long, and it can’t keep that pace up with the sex forever, so I assume either the plot or characters will become more concrete next volume.  I don’t feel that strongly about either quitting or continuing, but I probably will pick up at least one more volume just to support the new publisher.

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