Totally Captivated 2

December 16, 2009

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2008 – 6 volumes

So, uh… I pretty much just read this whole thing in one sitting.  It’s so rare when I can do that, and it’s even rarer that I feel like doing that.  But I like pretty much everything about it.  It’s like a BL story crossed with a manic, upbeat Korean girls’ comic with everything I hate most about BL stripped out and a great romance instead.  It completely blew me away.  I’m only going to talk about volume two tonight, but I’ll probably flood the rest of the reviews in tomorrow night.

Coincidental grade school meeting GO!  It was well-advertised in the first volume, and I forgave it for being a common plot device since the story was so funny and Ewon sprung it at one of the most hilarious, inappropriate times possible.  Ewon doesn’t remember the whole thing, and actually lies when Mookyul recognizes him and asks what elementary school he went to, but it’s a good story, funny with a sentimental ending, and we get Ewon’s recollection of the first half and Mookyul’s for the second, more sentimental half.

Mookyul begins his version of courtship after this.  He’s aggressive, surly, and quick-tempered, and never tells Ewon what’s going on.  Ewon puts up with it all with a fair bit of humor.  And as aggressive as Mookyul is, I did like that he took no for an answer.  He gets violent and fights with Ewon to say yes, but he doesn’t go any farther when Ewon flat-out refuses him.  As they… er, do their version of opening up to each other (hilariously, the two are never overtly fond of one another until much later), they have small arguments and bicker back and forth in really funny ways, and the tough guy Mookyul gets his bits of humor in by being surprisingly petty about small things.

Mookyul and Ewon both carry the day through this series.  Ewon continues to be a very funny, open character that says what he wants and never really finds a problem with being gay.  His sexuality comes up every once in awhile (aside from the obvious romantic situations), and I love this series for not making any sort of issue out of it.  It’s exactly like a shoujo romance with gay characters.  It’s magical the way the subject is treated here, and if it’s not going to be a serious story, I would much rather read BL series like this.  Mookyul is also in the free and open camp, but Ewon is a more open character than Mookyul, so it’s easier to relate to him.  Both are quite good though, and I loved them both by the end of this volume, though I still wasn’t quite seeing how a relationship was going to work out between the two.

Another thing I like about this series is that it’s supposed to have this mob-ish storyline, with Mookyul working for a loan corporation with people that call him “boss” and rough measures for people within the company and serious threats (though no violence) to people who try to skip out on their loans.  The story is told with a light touch though, mostly thanks to Ewon, and nothing ever gets too terribly serious.  There are serious situations, but he has the power to offer hilarious commentary and diffuse them in amusing ways.

But yes.  This series was an amazing read.  More on it tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Totally Captivated 2”

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  2. I am so giddy over your enthusiasm for this series. I am not alone! :D I liked this series so much, there’s a quote from me on the back of book 6. Hee.

  3. Connie Says:

    I saw that, congratulations! Your reviews were most of what convinced me to finally pick it up, too. I’d been avoiding it, even with all the positive reviews on Netcomics, but I couldn’t help myself after I saw how enthusiastic you were about it.

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