Totally Captivated 3

December 18, 2009

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2008 – 6 volumes

Yeah, I flew through all these.  All of it was good stuff.  This volume starts off with lots of drama between Jiho, Mookyul, and Ewon.  I wasn’t sure if Ewon was on to the fact that Jiho was using Mookyul (I was pretty certain this was happening from the start, since Jiho still acted pretty jealous), since he has a thought to this effect while Mookyul and he are talking, but then he acts surprised when Jiho comes out with it in front of Mookyul.  As harsh a guy as Mookyul is, he obviously doesn’t take this very well, though he makes it more than clear that he has no feelings for Jiho.

We also find out that Ewon is a little more distant than he seems.  I like that he’s free to admit to himself why things aren’t working out between he and Jiho, despite the fact that Ewon still clearly loves him.  Despite that distance, he’s still a pretty open guy, and I like that even his tragic downside doesn’t make him any less of an upbeat character.  In fact, Mookyul’s entourage go on quite extensively about how much they like him, his cooking, and how they’d snatch him up if he was a girl.  Everyone likes Ewon since he’s such a great guy, and he’s a big part of what makes the series fun to read.

I wasn’t clear on the relationship between he and Mookyul at this point, though.  Mookyul made his lust fairly well-known at this point, but even through the end of this volume, there wasn’t much chemistry between the two, and it seemed like Ewon might be more physically attracted to Mookyul than… well, actually liking him as a person, since he seems both terrified and appalled by a lot of what he does.  Some of Mookyul’s forcefulness made me wince, but again, there’s no rape in this series (though Mookyul does come damn close sometimes), and I like it a lot for that.

Ewon keeping his distance from Mookyul emotionally is sort of the point of the series, though, and even though I was never quite sure if Ewon was falling in love or not, Mookyul’s emotions are never in doubt when he gets serious, and the romantic parts are… er, very, very romantic.  That’s the most important part.

Re-reading through some parts, I also like how, despite all his toughness, Mookyul really does act like a little kid when it comes to Ewon.  He lets little things bug him, and his petty fights with Ewon, combined with all his groping and fondness when he’s around, make this series the awesome read it is.  Well, yes, the romance, the sense of humor, the way the characters are ridiculously open about everything they do… When Ewon continuously denies Mookyul sex, Mookyul blatantly asks his men how long it took them to have sex with their girlfriends the first time, his intentions clear as day.  Later, after the deed has been done, everyone and their mother knows that Ewon has done it, because he makes his pain more than obvious.  Funny stuff.

Yeah.  All that stuff is what makes this series magical.

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