Totally Captivated 4

December 21, 2009

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2008 – 6 volumes

This was where things really started to heat up.  I was afraid things would begin to get more dramatic and serious, since some of the major issues in this volume include a bad encounter between Mookyul and Ewon’s friends and Ewon suspecting Mookyul of an affair with his adopted father (which sounds kind of funny in that super-messed-up soap opera way when I write it out).  Fortunately, Totally Captivated keeps its sense of humor even at the most depressing of times, and I was alternately laughing and… I don’t know, completely engrossed in the story this time around as the romance heated up even more and Ewon’s little icy heart began to melt.

It’s the little touches of humor that I appreciate.  The way Mookyul is drawn with a little super-evil face when the style switches to SD for a gag.  The way Mookyul holds whatever conversation he wants wherever he wants, which includes detailed descriptions of his sex life in front of his men.  Ewon’s frequent light touches and random jokes he makes in every situation that are genuinely funny.  It’s stuff like that that makes Totally Captivated better than just a romance.

But there’s the romance, too.  As I said, things got pretty intense in this volume.  Ewon begins to grow nervous and wants some space, but Mookyul is completely in love with him and Ewon realizes that he can’t pull away.  There are some rough spots, as I’ve mentioned before, and the two still fight pretty intensely.  The one thing that always bothers me is that Ewon doesn’t seem to enjoy sex with Mookyul.  Mookyul has to trick him into it, and he always seems to want to get away.  This volume does cross the line to a point, since Mookyul keeps going when Ewon says no, but Ewon doesn’t seem that upset when he wakes up, and is touched that Mookyul stayed up to watch while he slept.  The “I love you” stuff starts after that, too, and that’s handled in a way that only Mookyul and Ewon could do it.

This was my favorite volume in the series, I think.  Really excellent stuff.  Great romance, humor, and pretty much everything I look for in girls’ comics.

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