V. B. Rose 6

December 25, 2009

Banri Hidaka – Tokyopop – 2009 – 12 volumes

Hmm.  I waited so long to read this volume, and it seems like the story didn’t develop at all.  Given how fast Ageha and Yukari were moving together in the early volumes, I was a little disappointed to see that neither moved forward at all here, and that both just drug their feet.  Yukari is worried that he is making Ageha unhappy, and Ageha is worried that if she tells Yukari how she feels and he isn’t feeling the same, she’ll lose her place at the company and her happiness along with it.  And round and round we go.  I still don’t like Ageha that much, and I’m a little sad that the series is the-characters-beat-each-other-up-for-comic-relief-type, because there are still a lot of things I like about it.

Without the romance, I was focusing mostly on the wedding dress aspect, which is still completely fascinating and unique.  Things do advance on that front, and Ageha begins doing professional work with her own designs for V.B.R.  I do like seeing her grow as an artist, especially when she’s so enthusiastic about creating.  Yukari also does a little bit of his own impromptu work, and it looks like his business is growing bigger and bigger.  We get introduced to yet another freelance staff member in this volume, too, but this time it looks like the person may be out to rock the boat.

One thing… I had no idea that the Akiyoshi family was part of this series!  I’ll have to go back and see now since I’ve read more of I Hate You More Than Anyone.  Rei shows up at a school festival at the beginning of the volume, and Ageha mentions Kazuha, so maybe she was an older client?  I can’t remember, but now I have to check.  I always like it when mangaka use something consistent to unite their works, and I do love that Banri Hidaka seems to work a lot with the Akiyoshi family (she has maybe four other short series focusing on members other than Kazuha, too).  Hmm.

4 Responses to “V. B. Rose 6”

  1. Sean Says:

    The Akiyoshi family make occasional cameos throughout. Rei as he’s a minor regular, and Kazuha as they go to Maki’s for hairstyling before weddings. You can see this in VB Rose 2 and 4. It’s never blatant enough that you feel lost without having read the earlier series, though.

  2. lys Says:

    Hee! When I first got to the character crossovers between these series I was so excited!! And Ageha goes to the same girls’ school that Kazuha once attended (her friend Mamoru attends the same school as Kazuha’s brother Chizuru and friend Arata). I love how all the stories share a world like that. Actually, I noticed a reference to a character in Tears of a Lamb as the author of a book Yukari was reading once too.

    Ageha and Yukari do seem to be procrastinating here, but at least they aren’t always getting into situations that keep them separated like Maki and Kazuha in I Hate You. To me, VBR reads like a sweet dessert manga, since there’s rarely anything frustrating or sad that happens, just lots of cutesy happy moments.

    (oh, in response to your current sidebar blurb—mangaka Hari Tokeino seems to have a liking for Christmas/Santa stories. It doesn’t really show up in her main series published here, Me & My Brothers, but a few extra one-shot stories included in the volumes have a Christmas theme. Merry Christmas to you too!)

  3. Connie Says:

    Thanks, guys! Now I know where to find the crossovers and to keep watching out for them.

    And you’re right, Lys, about the story in VBR being a sort of fluffy read. I should give it a little more credit than I do, because it’s so rare for there to be so little drama in a series (I like another series, Venus in Love, for the same reason). And it is very cute when it drags its feet. I really should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  4. lys Says:

    Maki was at the very end of v1 as well, as part of the same Hibari-wedding scene that carries into v2. I think that was my favourite part of the volume, when I first read it. (I wasn’t quite won over by VBR’s characters at that point, but I was already a big fan of the other series.)

    Oh, yes, I can see the similarity to Venus in Love’s lack of drama. I like that about that series too. Sometimes shoujo drama can seem so forced or otherwise frustrating, so it’s nice when things occasionally just work out happily without the fuss.

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