Totally Captivated 6

December 27, 2009

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2009 – 6 volumes

I’ll be honest and say the end of this series wasn’t what I had in mind, but was plenty awesome anyway.  I think I had imagined a Let Dai-ish ending, with the two fading off into obscurity, but of course Mookyul and Ewon do nothing quietly.  The end twists and turns more than any other part of the series, and Mookyul hits several ups and downs and scares Ewon completely out of his mind before all is said and done.  And if I was surprised by the eventual outcome, it was pretty consistent with how the characters (or at least Ewon) felt, too.

Mookyul, who would do anything in the world to get back together with Ewon, can’t simply stop at rejecting the chairman, but feels obligated to completely give back the good life he’s given, so he goes back to Ewon with a completely clean slate.  Ewon is freaked out, but the two share one of the more intimate scenes in the series.  Then more stuff happens (which is more-or-less the theme with this last volume).  The conflict that has been simmering with Mookyul’s rival in the organization boils over, and there’s messes on both sides of the fight.  It seems like things wrap up nicely… then there’s a whole chapter about Ewon’s parents and how he feels completely alienated from Mookyul.  He tries to end things again, which was incredibly frustrating and felt like it was just lengthening the story, but who am I to turn my nose up at good drama?  Bah.  I liked it.  And it provided just a little bit more closure in Mookyul and Ewon’s relationship.  Honestly, I would have kept reading if it had kept going, because man, those two are a riot as well as being totally passionate, which is an odd but winning combination.

It’s rare that I am as taken by a series as I was by this one (well, it probably happens a few times a year, but given the volume of stuff I read, it is, relatively speaking, rare).  I think Let Dai is still my favorite Korean BL series, but this is certainly a good second place, and still one of the most romantic series I’ve ever read.  I like romance, but let me not sell the humor short, or the characters.  Ewon’s a funny guy, and once you get to know him, so is Mookyul.  The two have the perfect balance and trade just the right number of affectionate barbs that their banter and antics through all six volumes is a joy.

Just… read it, if you’re into romance.  It’s only six volumes, and you won’t regret it.  And if you’re afraid of the BL, it’s not explicit at all, either.  Great stuff.

3 Responses to “Totally Captivated 6”

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  2. Hippolyta Says:

    I totally adored this series too… sigh. Did you know there was an extra chapter dj out there? It doesn’t really add anything to the story at all! But you just get to see them bickering and *ahem* fooling around in a lot more detail! There’s also a hilarious chibi section at the end where they explain their points of view on the relationship! Also… Ewon makes Mookyul do the washing-up! Gotta watch it for that alone…

  3. Connie Says:

    Oh, I had no idea! I still really, really like this series. I’m going to have to try and track that down now. Thanks for the head’s up!

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