Oh My Goddess 34

February 13, 2010

Kosuke Fujishima – Dark Horse – 2009 – 40+ volumes

I was happy that this volume was better than some of the recent ones.  There’s a short story at the beginning of the volume that gets back to some of the basics of the series: motorcycles and making people happy.  Belldandy even casts a little mischief magic trying to help things, which involve Tamiya and Otaki trashing Chihiro’s shop and doing “manly” mods to customer’s bikes while she was out.  Amidst all this, there is a mod that did make a customer happy, and they gained a part that made Chihiro happy while doing the mod, so the story had a happy ending, and also a light touch.  The light touch is very, very important in this series, I think.  I do like the serious stories, especially the ones involving Heaven and the Goddesses and whatnot, but I think its stories like this that make the series as enjoyable as it is, even still.

The motorcycle parts were never my favorite thing, though.  This volume goes into an obscene amount of detail.  I’m happy to pass over it, because it’s not important, but maybe I’m in the minority and there are people that read the series for its attention to detail concerning motorcycles and engines and whatnot.

The second story ends on a cliffhanger and apparently carries over into the next volume, and stars Skuld and her beau Sentaro, from way back when.  Their romance is still on, though Sentaro is being a little evasive and Skuld can tell he is keeping something from her.  This story is so unbelievably cute I was afraid my teeth would rot out of my head, but then, it’s got one of the better stories in the series to base itself on (the Sentaro story is still probably one of Skuld’s better stories).  I don’t even like Skuld that much, and I still love this story.  When Sentaro finally tells his secret, Skuld replies with one of the most optimistic talks I’ve ever seen, and then truly opens up to him.  It was pretty great.

For the record, I was a little ashamed of myself that I couldn’t stop laughing at Urd’s “straight talk” medicine.  It wasn’t that funny, but even thinking about it now cracks me up a little.  Keiichi’s responses were just perfect.

The bonus letters columns in the back have a new edition in the form of all of Kosuke Fujishima’s commentary from Afternoon magazine over the years.  He has a little blurb that goes with every chapter where he sometimes responds to reader’s questions, and starting with this volume, we’re going to get them all from the beginning.  Predictably, they go into pornographic detail about motorcycles and engines.  Ah, well.  I still like that they’re there.

I like this series.  A lot.  Enough, in fact, that this was read immediately when I opened a big box of comics with other things I would probably like more in it.  Belldandy’s just too charming to put down.

3 Responses to “Oh My Goddess 34”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    I’m not big into the technical details of the motocycles, but I do like the obvious care put into them by the author and characters.

    -The second story ends on a cliffhanger and apparently carries over into the next volume, and stars Skuld and her beau Sentaro, from way back when. Their romance is still on, –

    Sentaro hasn’t really shown up much, has he? He does pop in occasionally, though more often we just hear Urd egging Skuld about him ^^

  2. Connie Says:

    Yeah, I had to think about him a minute when I realized he was still part of the story. I didn’t connect the name immediately, but I knew it had to be him. I’m pretty happy to see he’s stuck around. I have a fondness for a lot of the side characters in this series. At least the ones introduced after the first batch. I have no love for Aoshima or the campus queen whose name eludes me at the moment.

  3. ZeroSD Says:

    – I have no love for Aoshima or the campus queen whose name eludes me at the moment.-

    Sayoko. Who I find ok, but agreed on Aoshima.

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